New Rules of Entering Ukraine: Things Getting Easier

On March 24, 2021, new border crossing rules came into effect in Ukraine. The Ukrainian government has removed the division of countries into a red and a green zone. Now the same rules apply regardless of where the passenger is coming from. Below is the updated information in accordance with the changes that the government of Ukraine made on April 7, 2021 by Resolution No. 310.

On June 7, 2021, the Ukrainian government published Resolution No. 583 dated June 2, 2021. This document allowed, instead of PCR tests, to do express tests for the coronavirus antigen or to present a certificate of complete vaccination.

Entry of foreigners to Ukraine

At the border foreign citizens must present a certificate of passage of a PCR test for coronavirus. The analysis should have a negative result, which confirms that the person is not sick.

Since June 7, 2021, the government has authorized the presentation of the result of a rapid antigen test as an alternative. IMPORTANT: it is not the same with a rapid antibody test. The antigen test is a nasopharyngeal swab, same as is the case with PCR test, not the blood test as antibody one.

From the moment of testing to the moment of crossing the border of Ukraine, no more than 72 hours should pass.

Foreigners are exempted from tests if they have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus with a vaccine that is approved for emergency use by the World Health Organization. The vaccination certificate must be in English language or have a translation into English.

Also, for foreigners, travel insurance is necessary, it must cover treatment for COVID-19.

✅ Please see one of the possible insurances you can get here:

Without insurance and a certificate of passing the PCR test, a foreigner will be denied crossing the border of Ukraine. Airlines have been warned of the new rules and are checking the required documents. If the passenger does not have a test certificate and insurance, he will not be allowed on the plane.

So please make sure that before entering Ukraine you have:

  1. ✅Covid-19 Insurance
  2. ✅PCR test, or Antigen test, or certificate about FULL vaccination.

📌 Once you have any questions or need some assistance regarding your trip to Ukraine, please contact us here:

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