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New Rules of Entering Ukraine: Things Getting Easier

On March 24, 2021, new border crossing rules came into effect in Ukraine. The Ukrainian government has removed the division of countries into a red and a green zone. Now the same rules apply regardless of where the passenger is coming from. Below is the updated information in accordance with the changes that the government of Ukraine made on April 7, 2021 by Resolution No. 310.

On June 7, 2021, the Ukrainian government published Resolution No. 583 dated June 2, 2021. This document allowed, instead of PCR tests, to do express tests for the coronavirus antigen or to present a certificate of complete vaccination.

Entry of foreigners to Ukraine

At the border foreign citizens must present a certificate of passage of a PCR test for coronavirus. The analysis should have a negative result, which confirms that the person is not sick.

Since June 7, 2021, the government has authorized the presentation of the result of a rapid antigen test as an alternative. IMPORTANT: it is not the same with a rapid antibody test. The antigen test is a nasopharyngeal swab, same as is the case with PCR test, not the blood test as antibody one.

From the moment of testing to the moment of crossing the border of Ukraine, no more than 72 hours should pass.

Foreigners are exempted from tests if they have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus with a vaccine that is approved for emergency use by the World Health Organization. The vaccination certificate must be in English language or have a translation into English.

Also, for foreigners, travel insurance is necessary, it must cover treatment for COVID-19.

✅ Please see one of the possible insurances you can get here:

Without insurance and a certificate of passing the PCR test, a foreigner will be denied crossing the border of Ukraine. Airlines have been warned of the new rules and are checking the required documents. If the passenger does not have a test certificate and insurance, he will not be allowed on the plane.

So please make sure that before entering Ukraine you have:

  1. ✅Covid-19 Insurance
  2. ✅PCR test, or Antigen test, or certificate about FULL vaccination.

📌 Once you have any questions or need some assistance regarding your trip to Ukraine, please contact us here:

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New Video – UFMA News: What is happening with International Dating in Ukraine: Covid-19. Russian threat. Lockdowns. Costs. Flights.

Watch here:

Some factors, which are influencing the international dating in Ukraine.

Bad ones:
– Covid-19
– Lockdowns
– Russian army at the border
– Flights delays and cancellations

Good ones:
– Less competition
– Smaller prices
– Cities developing

Resume: Hold on coming in April, as we will have lockdowns till the end of this month. But you are welcome in May, June and further on, when everything opens up.

Watch here:


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UFMA and Ukraine Experience of Andrew from Germany, who is looking for Ukrainian women

Andrew has been to Kharkiv and met the ladies here. And he sent me this mail telling his thoughts as of a foreigner about why he is looking for women here. I think it will be useful to read it to anyone who is on the path of looking for Ukrainian women / Russian brides in Ukraine or Russia:


Happy New Year Sergey,

I wish you and your family, health, prosperity, love and peace.

Thank you for your excellent service during 2020.
It was my goal to find an stunningly beautiful Ukrainian lady in 2020, unfortunately COVID 19 was an unexpectedly tough challenge. However, a new year, means new chances.

The correspondence with the ladies was and continues to be one of the highlights of my daily life.

They have humor and I always have good and happy emotions after the chat or letter exchange.
There are some (unspoken) questions that come up reguraly, which I would like to answer.

Q1 : How does a first meeting look like?
It is in a restaurant or can be held at the office of UFMA agency, whatever her preference might be…
The duration can be anything between 15 minutes (a coffee) or several hours (dinner)…
The safety, comfort and happiness of the lady is important to me.
I have registered at a marriage Agency to find a future wife and her well being is important to me.
However action speaks louder than words.
You can recognize a man by his actions less by his words.
Therefore the lady will experience that her happiness and security are my number one priority.
The strongest relationships are made by husband and wife who see a marriage as a place to give rather than to take.
Making my gorgeous Ukrainian lady smile makes me very very happy.

Q2: Are you corresponding with more than 1 lady?
The correspondence is important, however it cannot replace a meeting a person.
Maybe we are not a match when we meet each other for the first time live, face to face.
I understand that a lady can perceive this as being dishonest and does not want to continue the communication. I understand and respect that, this first stage, is what it is, to get a first impression, nothing more nothing less. I invest holidays and travel 5000 km…

Q3: Why do I want an Ukrainian lady?
Tastes, preferences are 100 % subjective…
As an example, here is one link with a list of 18 countries with the most beautiful women.
On place number 2 is Ukraine, Number 1 is Brazil, of course I do not agree with the article.

If some other man looks at this example ranking, he will not agree with the list or my opinion.
In the end, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a modern translation of Shakespeare.
Shakespeare 1588:
„ Good Lord Boyet, my beauty, though but mean,
Needs not the painted flourish of your praise:
Beauty is bought by judgment of the eye,
Not utter’d by base sale of chapmen’s tongues“

Furthermore have a look at the brief description of Russian and Ukrainian ladies, you may find it funny or negative or have a different opinion:

Their accents mixed with their national love for vodka is a match that very few people can truly resist, right up until your liver gives up.
Ukraine was actually voted as having some of the most beautiful women in the world. They’re unexplainably pretty, and the fact that Mila Kunis is from here is also a plus!

My future daughter inherits the beauty of my gorgeous Ukrainian wife.
I already have a name for my future daughter, it is Rebecca or Abigail.
Rebecca means: union, bond, link.
Rebecca is known for her beauty, strength and kindness, she is quick to help others.
Abigail means: pride and joy of her father.
Abigail is known as a fearless woman, a quick thinker and an excellent communicator even under circumstances of extreme stress and danger…

Happy New Year,

See you soon!


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Ukraine opens borders to foreigners. What are the travel conditions?

As of the 28th of September Ukraine has opened the borders for foreigners after the 1 month ban.

What are the conditions to enter Ukraine without any problems?

1) The first and most obligatory thing you MUST have to enter Ukraine is the COVID-19 insurance, which is covered by one of the Ukrainian companies, that fully cover the possible treatment of COVID-19 disease.

You can get the insurance here. Our clients have already tried this company and it works very well and they give the insurance information to the Ukrainian border control automatically. You can purchase this insurance remotely:

2) If you are coming from a country with high level of virus spreading (red), you also need a negative COVID-19 test, which was done not later than 48 hours prior to your arrival to Ukraine. Please note that it must be a PCR test.

If you are coming from a country with a low level of virus spreading (green), you don’t need to have a test, you can just have an insurance.

Please check the current list of countries on the official website of Ukrainian Ministry of Health:

Ukraine is now in the green zone, the level of virus here is low. Everything is working here as normal, there are no quarantine measures according to businesses or else.

Once you have any additional questions, please write to us and we will answer them additionally.

Stay healthy and strong!


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Meet Kristina, pretty russian women

As Kristina says, “if you smile a lot, then life will certainly smile back to you”. These pretty russian women are so positive and charming that they will turn the head of any man!

pretty russian women

Her chubby lips, when blurred in a smile, men melt. This pretty russian women is very funny, positive, she has many friends. She was born in the summer month. And people born under this sign are very cheerful. Maybe because they were born in the summer. When everything is blooming and fertile. She is also very kind and responsive. She has magnificent forms and she is mega charming. He loves children very much. This good little man is trying to find a common language with many people. She believes that people are all good.

Kristina leads an active lifestyle. She loves to swim and relax at sea. She is a music lover, listens to a variety of music, a lot of music. She accompanies her everywhere. Likes to watch comedies. Her favorite color is red and blue. More This pretty russian women really enjoy traveling and getting to know other countries. Meet new people. She is very interested in how they live, what people think in other countries. But while she was only in Poland. But all life is yet to come. And there will certainly be a lot of travel!

Read more on our website:

When Kristina has free time, she prefers to spend it with friends in the park or outdoors. Also likes to go to the theater or cinema. Lives now in Kharkov. She lives with her father, his name is Vladimir. Unfortunately, Kristina has no mother ((((. Also her son lives with them, he is still small, but her hope and support. Kristina is a good housewife, likes to cook different dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. She especially likes to make dumplings and dumplings with meat.

pretty russian women

Kristina loves to watch various good films. One of her favorites is Pretty Woman. She watched this film so many times, she really liked it. And one day she, too, will meet her Richard Gere!

This sweet girl has a great passion for life, and guess what it is or who? ))) I will not torment you – these are animals, our smaller brothers. So Kristina has 2 wonderful dogs at home. The name of one dog is Rada and the second dog is Rodik, that is, a boy and a girl !!! The family must be complete. So Kristina turned to us at the agency to meet her soul mate.

pretty russian women

For pretty russian women, a man with whom she will feel like behind a stone wall can become a worthy and beloved. He wants him to love her and protect her. She likes kind, sociable, tall men

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Russian girls dating meet Zoya

Russian girls dating, but they also know how to make friends. Zoya is a young, beautiful girl, a bright and mischievous girl. Now let’s talk a little about her.

Russian girls dating

With a good character and often a great mood, Zoe has a lot of friends. She is a friendly, nice, open person. She likes helping people with business or advice. He loves new interesting acquaintances. Believes that love should begin with a strong friendship. Russian girls dating, but not everyone knows how to be friends, and this is important in a relationship, Zoe said. This girl is so light, so interesting.

Zoya is an attractive girl, leads an active lifestyle. After studying, she attends the gym. He tries to keep himself in good shape. Zoya is a student, she is the future tourism manager. She likes traveling, so she chose this profession, although she was not yet abroad, but she has everything ahead. Russian girls dating is incredibly powerful charisma. And our Zoya is not an exception, but on the contrary, a vivid example of this.

Russian girls dating

Zoya is curious, reads a lot. She likes the theater. Also likes to watch movies, at home watching TV, or in a movie theater with friends and popcorn. She spends all her free time dancing. She loves to dance, she dreams of visiting the carnival in Brazil somehow in the near future. Dancing is her passion and life. Although sometimes she has a moment and goes to fitness. . She is so tender, so sexy. And at the same time uncontrollably passionate, bright and deep. Amazing, shiny hair falls on her round shoulders. Yes, look at the men, Zoe has a very sexy and beautiful body. She devotes a lot of time to her appearance and health.

This beautiful girl in the city of Kharkov was born and raised in a large and friendly family. She has many sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents – in general, such a huge friendly and cheerful family. From childhood, her mother taught her the right things. Like all Russian girls dating, Zoya is a good hostess. She does absolutely everything around the house, since from childhood she helps mom and grandmother. Loves to cook meat, fish. Prefers Ukrainian cuisine, with borsch and dumplings. Find out more here:

Zoya, a blonde with green eyes, is so charming and sexy in her young years. She is cheerful, active, very energetic and she always has a lot of things to do. She has time and learn and dance and help parents and chat with friends. The girl is very cheerful and smiling.

Russian girls dating

Russian girls dating, our young, cute Zoya dreams of meeting her true love for life. Kind, active, polite, generous man. With whom there will be something to talk about and shut up. And it doesn’t matter what he does or what country he lives in. What matters is his attitude to women and to life.

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Where to meet Russian women, and here is one of them Ira

Meet the bright, beautiful woman Ira. She is very energetic and cheerful. From it comes a lot of heat and light, like the sun on a rainy day ..

Where to meet Russian women

Ira is a real Russian woman. She has beautiful, well-groomed hair, full lips, pronounced eyes, a pretty face. But its main advantage is wisdom and a wonderful character. She is a very deep person, able to think a lot and act sincerely and honestly towards people, to work, to life. She is positive and calm, loves to enjoy life very much, radiating a lot of light and good mood. Her motto in life is “Today is the best day.” Ira is an open girl capable of feats and deeds. Her sweet and at the same time bright appearance is complemented by a smart look. In her free time, Ira enjoys visiting galleries and various art exhibitions. You still do not understand Where to meet Russian women? Of course, in our agency, having glanced at our website, you will surely find your girlfriend, your soul mate.

Ira comes from Belarus, but has long been living in our wonderful city of Kharkov. Where to meet Russian women? She is an adult, wise woman, she has a son. Her mother also lives with them. She moved from Belarus when she was left alone without a husband. Ira was born under the sign of Aquarius and the element – air. These people are endowed with special gifts, they are sociable and very mobile. They strive to learn a lot, learn, do. It is extremely rare to see with a bad mood. Such people live in a world of thoughts and ideas, they all have some kind of interesting plan. Ira has a great sense of humor, you will not have to be bored with her, she will always pick up the topic of conversation or find a fascinating lesson that will not leave you indifferent.

Where to meet Russian women

Where to meet Russian women? This woman radiates light and warmth, her smile is so open that even involuntarily people smile at her in return. So come to our site and you will be happy. Ira is an active and comprehensively developed person. She likes workshops in various fields. Her musical taste focuses mainly on romantic or jazz music. She listens to her a bit. Like many other people, she likes to watch movies after work, although her preferences are somewhat unusual: philosophical and terrible genres. Ah, seductress Ira, how beautiful and sexy you are in your light, laid-back, sexy look.

Where to meet Russian women
Ira works as an accountant, she loves her job. She also likes to have many interests and try to develop herself in many ways, trying to learn a new skill or acquire knowledge. She wants to meet a similar person in order to have common hobbies and be on the same wavelength. Where to meet Russian women? Ira is also looking for a strong man who would appreciate her opinion and ready for compromises. She could have liked a caring, generous, attentive, kind, honest and with a good sense of humor. Write to her !!!

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Meet gentle Elena, pretty russian women

Her slender body beckons so much, right ?! Pretty Russian women- best wives. Elena wants to be the most loving, gentle and caring woman for her only man. And all that she does, she does this in order to be closer to you, to meet you and fall in love with all my heart.

She is such a tender and at the same time sexy girl. Elena is like a bud, so beautiful and so innocent. She needs to be cherished and loved. She is more beautiful than the ancient Greek goddesses. Such a beautiful girl. She has a beautiful body, hair, eyes. Take a closer look, friends, haven’t you wanted to get to know Elena more closely. Find out what she thinks, what she dreams of, what are her inner qualities. She is so mysterious and tender in her image.

Pretty russian women

A little bit about Elena. She is a calm, open, romantic, faithful and active person. Elena loves to read – novels and history books. Yes, she loves historical novels. And about the Trojan Elena, to which she obviously has to do). Elena reread this book hundreds of times. She is very intriguing and fascinated by this story. She also likes the movie “Troy” with the participation of Brad Peet in the title role. It also tells the mythical story of Elena the Trojan, and its incredible beauty. Also about love so passionate, so faithful, and so selfless. Thousands of people died for love, and even a huge state fell. Courageous men are ready to fight for their beloved women, even at the cost of their own lives. Ah, these incredibly beautiful girls, what are you doing with men. But love !!! How beautiful she is. Love and be loved. Pretty Russian women – like the Greek goddesses. It might even be better! After all, they are real and live now !!)))

Pretty russian women
For some time Elena was engaged in modeling business. She is interested in makeup and hairstyle. She likes to make women more beautiful. She has the ability and passion for this. Perhaps in the future Elena would like to open a beauty salon.

Continue reading here:

But maybe later. Now she works in the business of mom. She has a clothing store and Elena works as an assistant. She likes this work, because it is also associated with beauty. At home, Elena helps mom in everything. She likes to cook and bake pies and pastries. pretty russian women, so mothers bring them up. She’s such a sweet tooth. Although her slim figure and can not be said. Everything just needs to be known, Elena says. She also goes in for sports and goes for swimming and a gym.

Pretty russian women

Life is busy, but Elena misses this special person. Let’s not let this beautiful girl get bored for a long time. Write to her friends, she is waiting for your letters. Perhaps it is you who is that special, that long-awaited person. Elena is looking for an attentive, with a sense of humor, sympathizing with self-development and the study of new things in human life. And if you are even a little like him, then you know one of pretty Russian women, yours forever.

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Dear Irina at UFMA, top russian dating sites

If you still do not know where to look for a bride, then we will tell you. So, top russian dating sites in UFMA. Having come to the gallery with photos, we are sure you will look for a long time. Because, we have very good, sexy girls.

top russian dating sites

And now let’s move on from general phrases to specifics. Today we want to introduce you closer to Alina. She is a wonderful girl. As they say, and clever and beautiful. Irina is beautiful, sexy, smiling. Yes, you can talk about it and talk about it. “But it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times.” There is such a Russian proverb. We are sure that when you see Irina in reality, you will fall in love with her at first sight. She has so much femininity, so much charm. She is a charming girl. Make your heart beat faster at the first meeting. And after talking with Irina, you will understand that she is beautiful not only externally. She has a beautiful soul and good character. She is smart and charming. And yet, UFMA top russian dating sites Indeed, they say that in our country the best, sexiest, most beautiful girls. And if you still don’t know about it, we suggest you come and see this.

top russian dating sites

Irina is a bright personality, she is an active person. He does not like to sit still, likes to know the world and life. He tries to fill his life with positive impressions. Likes to learn and learn something new. She is an engineer, works at an aircraft factory. She really likes her work. Since every day she has the opportunity to communicate with a variety of people, even from different fields of activity and countries. Her active and self-confident personality is very impressive. Irina is smart and charming. top russian dating sites are looking forward to seeing you! This is very noticeable in the eyes. They are so kind and so sparking. And yet she is a beautiful girl. With beautiful legs and a slender figure. Don’t you like her yet? It seems to us that such a girl is able to win the heart, even the most inveterate bachelor. And melt the ice in his heart. Do you agree with us, friends? !!!

To believe in a bright future is her main life position. Irina considers herself an active person, takes part in new things with pleasure. She has many friends, she treats people with respect and understanding. Irina likes to cook and she is a good housewife. She also loves to walk around the city and in nature, picnics. She likes to cook porridge at the stake and fish. She loves skiing, skating, spending time on the beach. She is interested in a lot of things. Irina is a diversified person. With your views and desires. These are the girls on our top russian dating sites. To be a person, to be an interesting person, an interlocutor. Irina is also interested in motorsport, literature.

Continue reading here:

Irina is an organized, self-confident person, and at the same time feminine and very sexy. She will be a wonderful wife and mother. Your house will be filled with love and positive, and besides, she likes to cook and plant flowers. Top girls at UFMA top russian dating sites. They always know exactly what a man needs. Irina would like her chosen one to be self-confident, to have a sense of humor. That he had respect for other people, had life goals. And if you are like that?!? Write, she is waiting for your letters!

top russian dating sites

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