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How to effectively manage the remote relationships

Some people are wondering if it is possible at all to handle the remote relationships. But in the current times the majority of relationships is started online. After some time they grow into successful offline relationships. So, what are the tips and hints to help your online relationships grow into something bigger and help you handle them until you meet in person?

1) 💏Communicate Often
Emotional closeness between people depends on the frequency, the duration and intensity of communication, so try to communicate every day if possible. It is best to set aside a certain time for this, which will be convenient for both of you and will give you the opportunity to fully talk with each other, without being distracted by extraneous matters.

2) Send Each Other Photos and Videos
We receive almost 80% of the information when communicating non-verbally, therefore, in long-distance relationships, it is especially important to be able to see the face of a loved one more often – his facial expressions and lively emotions, to be charged with his mood. This way you can maintain an emotional connection with your partner. This will allow you to better understand what state she is in now and what feelings she really experiences, as well as to track the appearance of negative trends in relationships in time and manage to work them out in time.

3) 🖐️Support Each Other
When a loved one is far away and you do not have the opportunity to see him and feel support, you can become psychologically vulnerable: you begin to react more painfully to criticism, it is harder to experience difficulties at work and you easier get upset over small things. And all that because of the fact that it is important for every person to feel loved and understood. Therefore, try to compliment your partner, rejoice at his achievements together and not criticize for his mistakes. Support the person with kind words: I believe in you, I love you, we can handle it, you will succeed, you are great, etc. This will help her feel your support and care.

4) 📅Define the Common Plans for the Future
Partners must understand exactly how they see a joint future. Do their views on parenting and family coincide? Where would they like to live? Do they have common goals? Are the professional ambitions of one running counter to the desires of the other? Without this understanding, it is simply impossible to build strong relationships that will last for a long time, especially at a distance.

5) 🎁Send Each Other Gifts and Make Small Surprises
The presence of delivery services allows you to pleasantly surprise your loved ones even at a distance. You don’t have to spend money on expensive things. Sometimes a bouquet of flowers or sweets for tea is enough to make your soulmate happier.

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ThanksGiving Specials

Thanksgiving gifts are added.
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Digest from August 27: Weekly Special + Testimonial + Romantic Collections

There are 3 new subjects I want to share with you today:

1) Big Pack Weekly Special is Here Again 🔥

This is the most popular Weekly Special of all, so we activated it again.

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This is one of the best offers we ever got

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2) We got a New Testimonial from Joachim from Denmark 👍
Here is what he writes:

“Dear Sergey,
It has been a pleasure to meet you and thanks for everything so far –
your hospitality has been real great and you are really a nice person.
It was a great meating with Elena and we clicked really well today.
We talked a lot about the future and she really asked a lot about the place she might be Living
and What my ideas are about a furture relationship… I think I’m on my way to get a good relationship with Elena and
I got a big hug in the end and she promissed me to write to me.
We had a lot of fun and good laughts today but also time to reflect over yesterday…
I saw a lot of Photos today so I think we have really bonded well…
All the best Sergey”
Joachim, Denmark
Introduction Service

▶Read more testimonials here
▶Watch video testimonials here

3) You can Send Romantic Collections to Ladies 🎀

We have got many beautiful Romantic Sets and Collections.
All of them are chosen to be of best value for the ladies.
They are beautiful, romantic and touching.

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Have a wonderful weekend ahead.


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UFMA Digest: Important things this week for you

Here are some updates on UFMA you don’t want to miss:

1 – Weekly Special: Bonus Pack
Receive 3 Free photo credits with this pack and save $6.89

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2 – E-Course about Ukrainian Dating
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3 – New Blog Post about Traveling to Ukraine
Know everything about the Covid requirements on traveling to Ukraine.

➦ Read the new Blog post about it

4 – Send Red Roses and get Free Credits
The Red Roses bouquets are the most popular ones among Ukrainian women.

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Have a great day be stay healthy and in good mood!


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Two useful websites about Covid-19 requirements on traveling to Ukraine

Very often guys ask about the current requirements on traveling to Ukraine regarding to Covid-19 restrictions.

Many people are scared to come here, because they don’t know the relevant information.

So today I wanted to share with you two official government websites that concern traveling to Ukraine, where you can see all the relevant information and be sure that you have all necessary for traveling in your hands.

1 –

This is a website from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. It is an official state website.

It is made in a very comfortable form. On the top of it you will see the current rules of entry to Ukraine.

For example, here are the current ones as for the 19th of August 2021.

“The current rules for crossing the Ukrainian border are regulated by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated December 9, 2020 No. 1236, with the latest amendments dated July 28, 2021 Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 787

All foreign citizens regardless of the country of arrival to enter Ukraine must have a policy (certificate) of insurance issued by an insurance company registered in Ukraine, and covers the costs related to the treatment of COVID-19, observation, and is valid for the entire period of stay in Ukraine.

All foreign citizens, holders of a temporary residence permit, as well as stateless persons need to have one of the following documents:
• a document confirming the receipt of a full course of vaccination against COVID-19 with vaccines included by WHO in the list of approved for use in emergency situations; or
• a negative rapid test for the SARS-CoV-2 antigen (RAT, Ag) that was done no more than 72 hours before entry; or
• a certificate of a negative PCR test result done no more than 72 hours before the entry.

Test and vaccination are not required for children under 12.

From August 5, 2021, citizens of Ukraine and all foreign tourists over 18 years old who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus and cross the state border to enter must install the Vdoma mobile app, which monitors self-isolation, regardless of the length of stay on the territory of Ukraine.”

Also here on this website you can get the Insurance for traveling to Ukraine:

Choose any of the insurance companies provided and proceed.

Another option on the website is to see all the regulations for your specific country.

Just scroll down to this place:

And then open your country, for example, the USA

And see all necessary info for your country.

2 –

This is the website from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

It basically contains the same information as the first one.

I just give it to you in case you want to recheck and confirm the information from the first website, just open this page and read what it says too.

So Ukrainian borders are open and you are welcome to travel here any time.

It is safe here and the Covid numbers are very low.

Read more about the UFMA personal Romantic tours here:

We will be glad to arrange your stay and meetings.

Once you have any questions, just contact me here in any comfortable way:

Please like and share this post on Facebook 🙂

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New Lady at UFMA Agency – Elena #506

Ukrainian woman at UFMA agency
Beautiful blonde lady from Kharkiv, looking for a man for marriage.

Elena is here to find a man for serious relationships.

She is one of those Ukrainian women who exactly knows what she wants.

Elena has been married before and she has a daughter Anastasia.

And Elena wishes to meet a man for serious relationships and marriage. And she is looking for a man who is devoted, serious and sincere.

You can see full profile of Elena on our website here:

UFMA Agency gives you access to a great database of Ukrainian women for marriage since year 2007. Many couples have been created and many men found their happiness in Ukraine.

Be the next one to meet a sincere Ukrainian lady for love.

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New Rules of Entering Ukraine: Things Getting Easier

On March 24, 2021, new border crossing rules came into effect in Ukraine. The Ukrainian government has removed the division of countries into a red and a green zone. Now the same rules apply regardless of where the passenger is coming from. Below is the updated information in accordance with the changes that the government of Ukraine made on April 7, 2021 by Resolution No. 310.

On June 7, 2021, the Ukrainian government published Resolution No. 583 dated June 2, 2021. This document allowed, instead of PCR tests, to do express tests for the coronavirus antigen or to present a certificate of complete vaccination.

Entry of foreigners to Ukraine

At the border foreign citizens must present a certificate of passage of a PCR test for coronavirus. The analysis should have a negative result, which confirms that the person is not sick.

Since June 7, 2021, the government has authorized the presentation of the result of a rapid antigen test as an alternative. IMPORTANT: it is not the same with a rapid antibody test. The antigen test is a nasopharyngeal swab, same as is the case with PCR test, not the blood test as antibody one.

From the moment of testing to the moment of crossing the border of Ukraine, no more than 72 hours should pass.

Foreigners are exempted from tests if they have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus with a vaccine that is approved for emergency use by the World Health Organization. The vaccination certificate must be in English language or have a translation into English.

Also, for foreigners, travel insurance is necessary, it must cover treatment for COVID-19.

✅ Please see one of the possible insurances you can get here:

Without insurance and a certificate of passing the PCR test, a foreigner will be denied crossing the border of Ukraine. Airlines have been warned of the new rules and are checking the required documents. If the passenger does not have a test certificate and insurance, he will not be allowed on the plane.

So please make sure that before entering Ukraine you have:

  1. ✅Covid-19 Insurance
  2. ✅PCR test, or Antigen test, or certificate about FULL vaccination.

📌 Once you have any questions or need some assistance regarding your trip to Ukraine, please contact us here:

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New Video – UFMA News: What is happening with International Dating in Ukraine: Covid-19. Russian threat. Lockdowns. Costs. Flights.

Watch here:

Some factors, which are influencing the international dating in Ukraine.

Bad ones:
– Covid-19
– Lockdowns
– Russian army at the border
– Flights delays and cancellations

Good ones:
– Less competition
– Smaller prices
– Cities developing

Resume: Hold on coming in April, as we will have lockdowns till the end of this month. But you are welcome in May, June and further on, when everything opens up.

Watch here:


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UFMA and Ukraine Experience of Andrew from Germany, who is looking for Ukrainian women

Andrew has been to Kharkiv and met the ladies here. And he sent me this mail telling his thoughts as of a foreigner about why he is looking for women here. I think it will be useful to read it to anyone who is on the path of looking for Ukrainian women / Russian brides in Ukraine or Russia:


Happy New Year Sergey,

I wish you and your family, health, prosperity, love and peace.

Thank you for your excellent service during 2020.
It was my goal to find an stunningly beautiful Ukrainian lady in 2020, unfortunately COVID 19 was an unexpectedly tough challenge. However, a new year, means new chances.

The correspondence with the ladies was and continues to be one of the highlights of my daily life.

They have humor and I always have good and happy emotions after the chat or letter exchange.
There are some (unspoken) questions that come up reguraly, which I would like to answer.

Q1 : How does a first meeting look like?
It is in a restaurant or can be held at the office of UFMA agency, whatever her preference might be…
The duration can be anything between 15 minutes (a coffee) or several hours (dinner)…
The safety, comfort and happiness of the lady is important to me.
I have registered at a marriage Agency to find a future wife and her well being is important to me.
However action speaks louder than words.
You can recognize a man by his actions less by his words.
Therefore the lady will experience that her happiness and security are my number one priority.
The strongest relationships are made by husband and wife who see a marriage as a place to give rather than to take.
Making my gorgeous Ukrainian lady smile makes me very very happy.

Q2: Are you corresponding with more than 1 lady?
The correspondence is important, however it cannot replace a meeting a person.
Maybe we are not a match when we meet each other for the first time live, face to face.
I understand that a lady can perceive this as being dishonest and does not want to continue the communication. I understand and respect that, this first stage, is what it is, to get a first impression, nothing more nothing less. I invest holidays and travel 5000 km…

Q3: Why do I want an Ukrainian lady?
Tastes, preferences are 100 % subjective…
As an example, here is one link with a list of 18 countries with the most beautiful women.
On place number 2 is Ukraine, Number 1 is Brazil, of course I do not agree with the article.

If some other man looks at this example ranking, he will not agree with the list or my opinion.
In the end, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a modern translation of Shakespeare.
Shakespeare 1588:
„ Good Lord Boyet, my beauty, though but mean,
Needs not the painted flourish of your praise:
Beauty is bought by judgment of the eye,
Not utter’d by base sale of chapmen’s tongues“

Furthermore have a look at the brief description of Russian and Ukrainian ladies, you may find it funny or negative or have a different opinion:

Their accents mixed with their national love for vodka is a match that very few people can truly resist, right up until your liver gives up.
Ukraine was actually voted as having some of the most beautiful women in the world. They’re unexplainably pretty, and the fact that Mila Kunis is from here is also a plus!

My future daughter inherits the beauty of my gorgeous Ukrainian wife.
I already have a name for my future daughter, it is Rebecca or Abigail.
Rebecca means: union, bond, link.
Rebecca is known for her beauty, strength and kindness, she is quick to help others.
Abigail means: pride and joy of her father.
Abigail is known as a fearless woman, a quick thinker and an excellent communicator even under circumstances of extreme stress and danger…

Happy New Year,

See you soon!


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