Meet Kristina, pretty russian women

As Kristina says, “if you smile a lot, then life will certainly smile back to you”. These pretty russian women are so positive and charming that they will turn the head of any man!

pretty russian women

Her chubby lips, when blurred in a smile, men melt. This pretty russian women is very funny, positive, she has many friends. She was born in the summer month. And people born under this sign are very cheerful. Maybe because they were born in the summer. When everything is blooming and fertile. She is also very kind and responsive. She has magnificent forms and she is mega charming. He loves children very much. This good little man is trying to find a common language with many people. She believes that people are all good.

Kristina leads an active lifestyle. She loves to swim and relax at sea. She is a music lover, listens to a variety of music, a lot of music. She accompanies her everywhere. Likes to watch comedies. Her favorite color is red and blue. More This pretty russian women really enjoy traveling and getting to know other countries. Meet new people. She is very interested in how they live, what people think in other countries. But while she was only in Poland. But all life is yet to come. And there will certainly be a lot of travel!

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When Kristina has free time, she prefers to spend it with friends in the park or outdoors. Also likes to go to the theater or cinema. Lives now in Kharkov. She lives with her father, his name is Vladimir. Unfortunately, Kristina has no mother ((((. Also her son lives with them, he is still small, but her hope and support. Kristina is a good housewife, likes to cook different dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. She especially likes to make dumplings and dumplings with meat.

pretty russian women

Kristina loves to watch various good films. One of her favorites is Pretty Woman. She watched this film so many times, she really liked it. And one day she, too, will meet her Richard Gere!

This sweet girl has a great passion for life, and guess what it is or who? ))) I will not torment you – these are animals, our smaller brothers. So Kristina has 2 wonderful dogs at home. The name of one dog is Rada and the second dog is Rodik, that is, a boy and a girl !!! The family must be complete. So Kristina turned to us at the agency to meet her soul mate.

pretty russian women

For pretty russian women, a man with whom she will feel like behind a stone wall can become a worthy and beloved. He wants him to love her and protect her. She likes kind, sociable, tall men

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