How to have a Perfect First Date with a Ukrainian girl at maximum efficiency and success? Big article from Sergey Sokolov.

Hello, Sergey Sokolov here. I have prepared a new big article about the relationships and I greatly hope you’ll like the reading. It is about how to have the perfect first date with a Ukrainian girl.

And you know why this is important?

Within the time of my work at UFMA I have personally arranged and translated at hundreds of first dates, and I want to say that it is very important how you spend one. It greatly influences the way the future relationships between a man and a woman will develop. And you know yourself that the first impression is usually the strongest!

In this article I will tell how to spend a really cool first date with a Ukrainian girl, so it will bring both of you positive emotions and will be a boost for your future relationships with her.

You can also watch the detailed speech about the perfect date in this informative video:

I have divided this article into 4 steps and will tell you more about each of them.

→ Step 1: Preparation for the Meeting

As you know, preparation for the process is no less important than the process itself. And here’s what I recommend you to do before a date so that it goes perfectly:

• Choosing the place of the meeting.

The place of the meeting is very important. The atmosphere, kitchen, level of noise at the place – all this will greatly influence the comfort of your date.

date ukrainian girls

It is best to find out beforehand which places your lady likes, where she likes to go. These can be a café, a restaurant, a coffee place, a diner, a sushi place, or some other special cozy places in her city, which she likes. Usually Ukrainian girls prefer something romantic, quiet and cozy, where you can comfortably talk and get to know each other better and you won’t have to shout to hear each other.

Also it will greatly help if you will know what kind of cuisine your woman likes. It will be a bonus, if you will take her to the places with such food, which she likes the most, so she will have the most positive emotions from your meeting.

To find out which places she likes, ask her in the correspondence or in the chat before your meeting, or ask the translator to find out from her, or before going somewhere at the meeting ask her where she would like to go.

From my experience the best place for the first date is a quiet and cozy little restaurant or a café, where you can just have a cup of coffee if nobody is hungry, or eat something if you want to have lunch. At UFMA we know some very good places in Kiev and Kharkov and will be glad to tell you about them.

• Appearance.

At the first date it is best to be dressed in the same style as a lady – classical or casual. So it’s better to find out beforehand which style for the first date she prefers.

In my practice I had cases when a Ukrainian girl was coming to the date in a cocktail dress and on high heels and a man came in shorts and sports shoes. And this brought a dissonance in the meeting from the very beginning, as people didn’t look well near each other.

It is best to discuss beforehand how you will be dressed, so you will be on the same wave and it will also make you closer to each other if you will be dressed similarly.

beautiful ukrainian women

If you can’t find out beforehand, then get dressed in such clothes, so that in this look you could go for a walk and also go to a good restaurant. You should be comfortable and you should look “like a million bucks” too.

Remember, that Ukrainian women like to wear high heels and get dressed well for the dates. And they greatly value the men, who can show themselves and who take care of their looks.

• Flowers and a gift.

Ukrainian girls greatly like the signs of attention, they like when a man underlines her importance and her beauty. So it will be a great plus to bring a bouquet of 3-5 roses for the first date.

You shouldn’t bring one rose, as it means the sign of love and affection and is usually given in the serious relationships, or it is brought by teenagers, who have no money for more flowers. Also you shouldn’t bring many roses, as it’s just not comfortable to walk with them. The best is the bouquet of 3-5 good roses.

ukrainian girls dating

The most popular color is red, all girls like it.

It also works very well, when a man brings small gifts, souvenirs for a lady. It shouldn’t be something expensive, best if it will be a small souvenir from your country, for example, a bar of chocolate, a key chain, or a magnet, something special, what you can’t find in Ukraine.

Women, they are like children, they greatly like to receive something unusual, and she will have a plenty of great emotions from the very beginning. Plus the gift is like a psychological anchor, it will work as a constant reminder about you, even when you will leave.

• Prepare and set yourself.

Of course it is best to come to a date in a good mood and a well relaxed state. Get rested well before the date, so you will be full of energy and good mood. Especially when you are coming from far away and are after the long flights, this is important.

And one more thing – don’t be late for the meeting, come in time! 🙂

→ Step 2: Holding the Meeting

Here I will give a few important tips about how to behave at the first date, so the Ukrainian girl will 100% like you.

ukrainian girls marriage

♥ Be a gentleman. Ukrainian woman likes when a man gives her a hand, opens a door before her and shows in all ways that she is a lady and she is important for him, so he shows her attention and care. You will get a lot of points from her if you will behave like a real gentleman.

 Be initiative. Offer her where to go to eat or drink coffee, what to do. Ukrainian girls like when a man is initiative, but at the same time when he listens to her opinion. If for example, you are at a restaurant, propose her to drink wine, or have some fruit, or order tea. Very often a lady will be shy to order something or offer something, therefore your help will be very handy. You can offer several variants of actions and together you will choose one. This works best.

 Let her open her personality. When you are communicating, don’t be the only one speaking. Many men do such mistake; they speak too much and totally forget about the partner, who is sitting nearby. If you will be talking about yourself all the time, the lady will think that you are self centered and are not interested in her. Or she will just think that you don’t like her.

Therefore, ask her questions about herself. Show that you are interested in her personality. As you have come to the date, you have spent your time to get to know her better. Let her speak, tell about herself, let her open towards you, so you will see her inner world better.

beautiful ukraine girl

 Tell her compliments. Ukrainian girls love with their ears, it’s a fact 🙂 Tell her more pleasant words; tell her compliments about her appearance, sense of humor, looks and the manner to behave. The compliment should be sincere – find something what you really like about her. And believe me, she will be very grateful and supportive of you after this. Compliments do greatly connect people with each other.

 Don’t drink too much alcohol. Very often I’ve seen the situation, while translating the meetings, when a date was spoiled because of too much alcohol. The thoughts start to mix, the communication drops and the date is spoiled. This is even worse when a woman is not drinking at all and a man is. It’s best not to drink at all, or to have just a glass of beer or wine. For relaxation it’s also possible to order a hookah. In Ukraine they are very popular and can be ordered almost at any place. You can also smoke hookah together with a girl.

 Communication is the most important. At the first date you should concentrate on the communication. It is best not to chase the girl, invite her to continue the meeting in a hotel or apartment. The first meeting is about communication. And this communication should be good. The girl should not think that you need just sex. You should get to know each other better first of all.

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 Do not extend the meeting too much. Perfect timing is 2-4 hours for the first date. After this say goodbye to each other, plan the next meetings or just decide to be in touch. If everything went well, you will have many more meetings and dates in the future.

→ Step 3: The Goal of the First Date

I would like to separately focus on the purpose of the first date. When you are holding it, you should keep in mind why you are doing everything, so it all goes according to the plan and will work for your goal.

– Remember that the goal of the first date is to get to know the girl better, for her to open herself, show herself, tell about herself, so you will get to know her best. So give her the initiative, let her tell about herself more.

good ukraine women

– Another goal is to define your common qualities, the things that you have in common and that will make you closer. Therefore at the first date tell her more about your life, your hobbies, interests, habits. How does she treat them? Does she support your interests? Will there be something for you to do together? The woman is not just a wife and a lover for you, she is first of all your friend, a person, with whom you will be spending a lot of time together.

So you have had a date. What next? After the date you need to think well and analyze the meeting.

→ Step 4: Analysis of the Meeting

After the meeting you have a lot of emotions, but you should think not only about the emotions. You should analyze well the following points about the meeting.

Think well and answer the following questions:

– Does the lady look like your ideal one? Does she have those qualities of character that you want to see in your woman for the serious and long term relationships? This is very important, as you are looking for a woman for the long term, right? Think what qualities you want to see in your chosen one and compare, if she’s similar to the lady, who you’ve just met?

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– What did you like and did not like about the woman? Any disadvantages that seem small can become big and annoying in the future. So think if you can live with those disadvantages that you have seen. And also pay attention on the pros. What did you like in the lady? Is this what you are looking for in your future life partner?

The most important is to think if you can live with this person for a long part of your life!

Have good dates! 🙂

Sergey Sokolov
Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA)

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