Dating, meet Russian girl Lera, for a serious relationship and marriage

     She is beautiful, graceful and beautiful! Meet Lera. This girl is sweet and very charming. In addition, she is very smart. You do not look that she is only 20 years old. She is a very wise and interesting girl. Dating, Russian girl Lera wants to meet a good man.

Dating, Russian girl
Dating, Russian girl Lera is a tall blonde with green eyes, her appearance is very attractive. And what a beautiful figure she has. Long legs, pretty face, contagious laughter, friends, you must meet her!!! Dating, Russian girl Lera came to the agency UFMA, in the hope of meeting a decent, good man, so that he took care of her, and go hand in hand with him. This is what this young creature, Lera, dreams of.

Lera sees the world through the prism of good and positive. She is not used to giving up and always goes to the end to the goal. She came to a big city from a small village. It is hard for her to live alone. She is still a student, and when there is a possibility, she works to rent an apartment in Kharkov. Summer vacations are full, she works as a salesman in a store, and on the day off she works as an animator, promoter, sometimes a model. In general, she undertakes any work that she can.

Dating, Russian girl

Whenever there is a day off, Lera likes to spend time with friends on the nature or park. She likes active rest, cycling or on a boat on the river, she also likes to sing in karaoke and dance. She is a cheerful and happy girl. Dating, Russian girl Lera is a tolerant and fair person.

Last year, she and her parents rested in the Crimea on the Black Sea coast. She really liked it. She unfortunately has never been abroad and has seen few other countries. Her parents do not have this opportunity, and Lera herself does not earn enough to travel. But she is not upset and she believes that she is still ahead and she will travel a lot to different countries and continents.

Lera is a student of the Pedagogical Institute, she is a future educator. She likes to communicate with children, she loves them, and chose a profession at the call of the heart. After all, she is a very kind and good girl. In her free time, she likes to watch movies. Her favorite movie is “Magnificent” with Jackie Chan in the lead role. She also likes the genre – horrors. For example, the film “Others”. He also likes watching the TV series “Harry Potter”. She also adores different novelties in the cinema.

Lera loves her family, she has a younger brother, he is only 4 years old. She likes to play with him and teach different things. She also has a 4-year-old sister. She’s the only sister of her father. Her father is married for the second time, and from his first marriage he has a daughter. Lera is also friendly and communicating with her. Dating, Russian girl Lera is such a sweet and benevolent lady.

Dating, Russian girl

Still this lovely girl loves animals, she has a cat at home, his name is Philip, he is 2 years old! She is so happy when she comes home, he always meets her and checks her bag, maybe she brought him something tasty and edible.

Lera loves to learn, and the profession and something new. She likes to read books, she likes classical works, for example, “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy, and various modern fantasy and horrors. When there is a little opportunity she wants to go to the courses of the master of manicure. She likes drawing, so she will make an excellent master.

Dating, Russian girl Lera wants to meet her man. She respects wise and kind men. Very much appreciates when a man loves family and children. Dreams of meeting such a man and living with him all his life in love until the end! That’s it, she is wise beyond her years Russian girl Lera, Dating.

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