Want to meet the best Ukrainian women?

Here they are!

UFMA is still the place to meet the most beautiful and sincere Ukrainian women.

What we do here is we take only checked, real and genuine brides from the city of Kharkov only. We accept only people we know well or the friends of our friends or relatives. And this is really a family from the very beginning.

Here is the new lady who is joining the Gallery of beautiful Ukrainian women at UFMA – Anna #331.
ukrainian women at ufma

She is very good looking classy woman who is searching for tender loving man for the long term relationships.

Want to meet the best Ukrainian women? Come to our Gallery. Anna’s profile will be there soon too!

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Top Ten Tips for Dating a Ukrainian Girl

10. If you meet a Ukrainian woman for the first time without prior communication, be ready to say a few words about who you are and what you are looking for. It is best to tell about your work, your city, lifestyle and hobbies.

9. If you know that your lady will not have to go back to work after the date, bring a small bouquet of flowers. Even a single fresh-cut rose will put a smile on her face! Best is not to bring the flowers to the very first date, as you don’t know how it will go. But for the second or third date it can be good to bring a small bouquet as Ukrainian ladies like attention. And flowers.

8. Bring a few pictures of your family, home and pets to give your Ukrainian girl an idea of your life. But don’t overdo it – you don’t want a date to turn into a long slide-show. You need time to get to know each other. 20-30 photos will be enough to show and to tell a short story about your life.

7. Comment on your experiences in Ukraine and Kharkov city during the stay. Even if you have not yet seen much, you might say that you are looking forward to learning about the city. Surely your Ukrainian lady will offer to show you around. There are lots of interesting places in Kharkov city. You can see some photos here: http://www.ukrainianfiancee.com/kharkovcity.htm
ukrainian ladies

6. For a second or third date, think of the things you enjoy back home and ask your translator about such opportunities in Kharkov. You might invite your Ukrainian girl to a sports game, a trip to the countryside or a concert of a band you like. This way she can get to know you better and have a glimpse of your future together.
Ukrainian Brides

5. If you find yourself nervous and in need of a conversation starter, ask how the lady is doing, what happened at work lately and what is going on in her family. This is totally acceptable and before you know it, you will find yourself in the middle of an exciting conversation.
mail order brides Ukraine

4. Learn how to say “thank you”, “please”, “hello” and “how are you?” in Russian. It will show your Ukrainian lady you are ready to learn about her culture. Or better still, you could ask your Kharkov date to teach you how to say these words and teach her their equivalents in your language. They will be useful for you during interaction with other people and will just sound cute to your lady’s ear.
Ukrainian dating online

3. Do not curse as you speak. Most Ukrainian ladies have heard English curse words and will probably understand them even without translation. Cursing doesn’t make for the best first impression.
free ukrainian dating

2. If you are being translated, look at the lady during the conversation, not at the translator. Establish good eye contact, it helps the better understanding. Most of the communication is done in non verbal way. And you should look how the lady reacts to what you say. Look at her body language. And try to feel the energy from her. Try to understand if this lady can be your real partner and friend, as this is what is most important for the long term relationships.
dating ukrainian girls

1. Stay positive and smile more, be relaxed and just be yourself. And your Ukrainian lady will become relaxed too and the date will be wonderful. As the Ukrainian ladies are the best women for the long term relationships and marriage.
beautiful ukrainian women

Visit our website and talk to amazing Ukrainian women: http://www.ukrainianfiancee.com/

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How the beautiful city makes the people beautiful inside and outside.

The city of Kharkiv has its unique culture.

If talking connecting to history, four hundred years ago on this territory there were settling the strongest and most freedom loving people, therefore this region of Ukraine was called The Freedom Land.

With time the trade and skills were developing and here appeared the city of Kharkiv. It was growing fast and now it is the center of trade, education, medicine and manufacturing of the Eastern Ukraine.

This city never sleeps, it is always in motion. There are lots of interesting and educated people here. And beautiful ladies of course! Kharkov women know how to get dresses well, look well and they have wonderful education, manners and great communication skills.

Just look at the photos of Kharkov city and the wonderful Kharkov girls.

Come here and meet with them. These are the ladies who can make you happy!
kharkiv ladies

kharkiv ladies 2

Read more about Kharkiv and see many more photos here:

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Meeting Your Destiny: What To Start With

We often plan things in our life – education, choosing profession, work, vacations, buying a car and other things.

But very rarely people plan the most important in their lives – the personal side of them.

In this we hope for good luck, we hope that a wonderful woman will once knock at the door and offer to be together. But this won’t happen and we then choose not the ones we want, but the ones we have. Have this happened to you?

We are leaded by sexual desire, accident, comfort or laziness. And then we might regret.

The choice of the life partner must be deliberate and planned, same as the other businesses. This might sound cynical, but the woman must fit the parameters we define – sexual, character wise, appearance, family values etc.

And don’t think that a person, who doesn’t meet these points now, will change later. This won’t happen. This is a biggest mistake.

Don’t take anything what life offers you, take the best. We live just once.

The first step will be to make a list of at minimum 25 points of who your perfect woman should be: how she looks, how she behaves, how she must treat you. Minimum 25 points.

This list will be the road map in your search. Think well what kind of woman you need, with whom you will feel cozy.

After this you can confidently start looking for your ideal woman, who covers most of these points. At least now you have your goal which you want to achieve.

Or you can send your list to our email: support(at)ukrainianfiancee.com and we will find 3 best matches for you from our large database.

Get your best match today, send us a letter!

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Top Ten Romantic Date Ideas for Kharkov City (in fact, many of them are free dating ideas!)

10. Lovers’ Fountain

Lovers Fountain - Kharkov Sights

Lovers Fountain – Kharkov Sights

This place was built for dating Ukrainian girls! Take your lady here in the spring or summer and maybe this will be the place where you share your first kiss. In our experience, the most genuine confessions happen near this amazing fountain.

9. Lovers’ Bridge and boat ride

Lovers’ Bridge - Kharkiv Sights

Lovers’ Bridge – Kharkiv Sights

Have a walk around the small park running along the embankment, see the Lovers’ Bridge and learn about the Kharkov wedding tradition. Couples hang locks on the bridge banister during weddings and throw the keys into water. This is the best place to have the lady you like thinking about weddings. Maybe the bridge will even be right for popping the question? Also you can rent a row boat and enjoy a romantic hour on the river, just the two of you.

8. Gorky park

Gorky Park - Kharkiv sights

Gorky Park – Kharkiv sights

After the recent renovation Gorky Park is the best destination for romantic Kharkov dating. Sit by the pond, hold hands and relish the peaceful atmosphere.

7. Picnic in the countryside

Picnic - Kharkov city sights

Picnic – Kharkov city sights

Ask your UFMA translator about a good destination in the countryside. Have a picnic in a heavenly spot overlooking the river. Your Ukrainian lady will be happy to explore with you!

6. Horseback riding

Horseback riding - things to do in Kharkiv city

Horseback riding – things to do in Kharkiv city

What better way to become closer than learning something new together? Take your Ukrainian lady to the stables, enjoy learning about horses together, learn how to ride or demonstrate your skill if you already know how. Take a romantic ride around the fields together and you will both be surprised to discover you were smiling the whole time!

5. Dance lesson

Dance lesson - things to do in Kharkov, leisure time

Dance lesson – things to do in Kharkov

Every Ukrainian lady out there considers dancing romantic. What about a tango lesson? Or maybe rock-n-roll suits you better? Learn to move in unison, learn to be a team – it will be awfully useful as your relationship develops.

4. Skating

Skating - leisure time in Kharkiv city

Skating – leisure time in Kharkiv city

Many Ukrainian girls know how to skate. Maybe you can skate as well? If so, you are in luck, there is an amazing opportunity for romance for you. There are two year-round skating rinks in Kharkov – take your lady there for a romantic Kharkov date!

3. Candlelit dinner

Romantic Dinner - free time in Kharkov

Romantic Dinner – free time in Kharkov

In Ukraine girls are very romantic and what is more romantic than a candlelit dinner? Ask Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency to recommend the best restaurant to your lady’s liking. There are a lot to choose from and we know your lady’s tastes. You are about to have an exciting evening! Are you ready?

2. Dolphin show

Dolphin show - places to visit in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Dolphin show – places to visit in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Put your Ukrainian bride in a romantic mood by attending a dolphin show. The Kharkov dolphin marina offers two types of shows – consult UFMA for times and arrangements.

1. Sharovka manor house

Sharovka mansion - best places to visit near Kharkiv

Sharovka mansion – best places to visit near Kharkiv

Discover a romantic castle together with your lady! Learning about the amazing love story, wandering the lovely park and taking pictures in the 1800s ballroom is unforgettable. Let this experience be the beginning of your very own love story with your Ukrainian bride. Consult UFMA for the trip and guided tour.

UFMA (c)

Download a Free Ukrainian Dating Guide by UFMA from your profile to know more:

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Dos and Don’ts for dating Ukrainian women (the big and small things)


• Ukrainian girls are rather shy at the beginning. Don’t expect that she shows emotions right away. But later in the relationship or marriage she will be happy to say “I love you” often and will give very tender emotions.

• Don’t be over critical and judgmental about Ukraine and Ukrainian life. Of course you are allowed an opinion, but being negative does not create a good image. Of course everyone respects native land, no matter how bad life there is.

• Don’t monopolize the conversation. While you should have a mental list of the things your Ukrainian lady should know about you, do not turn the date into a sales presentation. Ask your Ukrainian bride questions, answer hers, just be natural.

• Don’t be nervous. Relax and your personality will shine through!

• Don’t say that your family and friends oppose you marrying a Ukrainian bride – do not intimidate her. Instead, say that you will make sure everyone is friendly and will treat her nicely. And do indeed act on it – talk to friends and family and explain that this woman makes you happy.

• Don’t assume that if your Ukrainian woman has a career, she will be trying to wear the pants in the family. Most women in Ukraine are smart and hard-working, so they do often manage companies or groups of people. But when your lady leaves the office, she will want to be treated like a lady by the strong man by her side.

• Do be prepared to visit your Ukrainian lady here in Kharkov.

• Do know what you want. Sit down and make up your mind about several core qualities your future Ukrainian wife must have and look for those, but don’t forget about chemistry either!

• Do maintain good eye contact with your lady on a date.

• Do ask your lady to show you around Kharkov and tell you which spots she likes the most and why. This way you will get to know her faster.

• Do be honest with your Ukrainian girl about your feelings and intentions.

• Do tell the lady about your financial situation and how soon you expect her to start working to help support the family.

• Do tell your Ukrainian lady about your town and the kind of people who live there.

• Do ask her questions about her family, friends and work. She might be shy sharing the information without a question, but this is simple modesty. You have to know each other well for your romantic relationship to blossom.

• Do smile a lot and tell jokes if an opportunity arises – Ukrainian women have a good sense of humor and your date will appreciate you trying to make her smile.

• Do be the one who takes the lead of the relationship and suggest a plan of further action when you feel it is time. Don’t ask your lady how she wants to proceed – offer your plan and then ask her opinion. Ukrainian ladies do not want to be in the position of a leader in the relationship, but they want their opinion to be considered.

The small things
• Don’t give her an even number of flowers, this is only for funerals.

• Don’t allow your Ukrainian girl to carry a heavy item. If she shows up with a bag apart from her purse, she will be impressed if you offer to carry it.

• Don’t look at other women when you are out with your Ukrainian date – concentrate on her. And yes, she will notice.

• Do give up your seat if you are taking a bus with your Ukrainian lady and an elderly person or a woman with a baby walks in. She will see a gentleman in you right away.

• Do open doors for your Ukrainian date, especially if the door looks heavy.

• Do learn how to pronounce your Ukrainian lady’s name correctly and also the names of her parents and siblings.

• Do walk slower if your date is wearing heels.

Want more valuable info? Want to meet best Ukrainian brides?
Visit the Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) – the Most Effective Little Dating Agency in Ukraine!

UFMA (c)

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When the eyes are happy…

What is great in summer for any man is that the wonderful girls come out into the streets and gladden us with their fir and tanned bodies.

This time is especially great in the city of Kharkiv – the real capital of the women’s beauty. This is the city of female students, the city of young women and wonderful Ukrainian ladies. Each of them is different, but each is beautiful in her own way.
ukrainian dating agency

Why I am saying all this? Girls have always been the real treasure of Ukraine. Men here are very lucky, as in addition to the beauty, women here are great house keepers, wives and mothers. But there are much more women than men here and they are all in search of their happiness. Therefore many come to Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) to look for relationships abroad.
beautiful ukrainian women

UFMA chooses the best ladies for you – the real diamonds to the collection. And you can choose the best one for yourself. She will make you happy, believe me! Ukrainian women know how to do this!

This summer and autumn use the chance to meet the ladies and have a great vacation in Kharkiv. We will arrange everything on best level and you will be happy like lots of our clients within 10 years of our work.
Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency

Write to us and we will do free matchmaking for you and help you choose best Ukrainian women. Are you still lonely? We will fix this and will make you happy! Come to the website right now and see!

Sergey Sokolov

PS: For any questions here is my direct mail: support(at)ukrainianfiancee.com

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New lady just came to the UFMA to look for relationships

Hi, here is Anastasia #326.

She is 24, but she is very mature. She works as a manager in a bank.

Anastasia (or Nastya) has two University degrees.

Click to see more photos

She loves sports and traveling.

She takes care of her looks and health and is very beautiful.

She can be your perfect partner!!!!!

>>> Click here to see more photos of Anastasia

And contact her to get more personal ones.

Don’t miss your chance with a great smart loving lady! Contact her now!

UFMA provides only best and genuine ukrainian ladies for you!

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Brand new Ukrainian lady who is looking for relationships – Anastasia #324 (22 y.o.)

We have the new lady member at UFMA – beautiful and well mannered Anastasia #324.

She works as a teacher of Mathematics at the primary school and dreams to find her happiness in a union with a good man.

She doesn’t mind relocation and wants to be happy and make her man happy too. She is one of those real traditional beautiful Ukrainian woman who can make any man’s life a real fairy tale.

ukrainian girls online - Anastasia at UFMA

Click the picture to see more photos of Anastasia

Anastasia is a very caring, devoted and tender girl. She loves sports, cooking, watching comedies and sometimes dancing. She is looking for the partner for the dance of her life. Shall you be her partner? She is waiting for your messages!

>>> Visit Anastasia’s profile to see more photos of this pretty Ukrainian lady.

Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) is the Most Effective Little Dating Agency in Ukraine! Meet real and sincere Ukrainian girls and Russian brides for dating and relationships – all profiles are checked and screened. We know them personally. No scam, no golddiggers. Watch lots of good testimonials. Meet Ukrainian girls now!

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Top Five False Stereotypes About Mail-Order Brides

5. She will not be able to adjust to the new culture and want to go home

Ukrainian brides are looking for love. We at UFMA are very honest with them about the possibility that they will leave Ukraine if they find the right man. The women you see on our web site are the ones who said: “Yes, this is something I could do to be with the man I love”. Besides, your Ukrainian lady will make sure she communicates with her family frequently, which will bring homesickness to a minimum.

Ukrainian ladies are very flexible. After so many changes in Ukraine they are trained by life itself to adjust to new environments. See many beautiful Ukrainian girls for marriage here: http://www.ukrainianfiancee.com/ladies/

4. You can treat a mail-order bride like a doormat

Ukrainian girls have great respect for the man by their side, but they also have dignity. A Ukrainian woman will do her best to preserve peace in the family, but not through tolerating insults. She will suggest having a civilized discussion. Read more about mentality of Ukrainian girls: http://www.ukrainianfiancee.com/aboutukrladies.htm

3. A mail-order bride will stay at home all the time when you marry

Ukrainian ladies will be happy to find jobs and help support the family once they learn the language and can move around the city by themselves. It is a part of Ukrainian culture to stay home for some time once a child is born, but even here in Ukraine girls manage to complete correspondence college degrees and work from home while they look after the baby. Find out more about how to succeed in a marriage agency: http://www.ukrainianfiancee.com/howtosucceed.htm

2. Mail-order brides want to marry foreign men to escape a life of poverty

Once you visit Ukraine, you will discover that it is not a poor country – the standard of living is not at all low. Your Ukrainian bride will probably show up to the date wearing a nice flattering dress and good French perfume. Most Ukrainian women are college-educated and have jobs. They indulge in hobbies, work out in gyms and go on vacations. These Ukrainian girls are just searching for love. Learn why you have good chances for the Ukrainian dating: http://www.ukrainianfiancee.com/goodchances.htm

1. Mail-order brides are just after passport and citizenship

Most Ukrainian women would not leave their friends and family, their jobs and familiar surroundings for citizenship alone.

In fact, a woman will face a life of poverty if she moves to a different country and is suddenly all by herself. She will face greater difficulties finding a job to maintain the standard of living that she had at home, her college diploma might not be valid. Marrying a foreign man is a leap of faith for a Ukrainian girl. But many are prepared to leave the protective circle of friends and family and the job they are sure of to be with that special man.

Read the FAQ of Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency to know more about what Ukrainian girls think: http://www.ukrainianfiancee.com/faq.htm



What do you think about dating Ukrainian women? What are your concerns and questions about mail order brides?

Please write your comments!

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