“What Russian women love about men”Continuation, Part II.

       In the first article, we uncovered a few secrets and touched the privy corners of the female soul. “So for what qualities and what for, Russian women like men.” But as you understand 5 points are not enough. Because woman is so versatile and interesting. They are very difficult to solve. Especially for men. Hundreds of books and versions have been written about how unpredictable and interesting women are. Therefore, in the second part, we will reveal these secrets more.

Russian women

If you’ve read the book of the psychologist John Gray, “Men from Mars, Women from Venus”, you probably know a lot about how different men and women are. And that is the reason they attract each other. Gray uses such a metaphor – the god Mars and the goddess Venus, as expressed stereotypes of man and woman respectively. Men and women are so different that they can be considered as inhabitants of different planets.

So, let’s continue, what masculinity Russian women cannot get enough of.

6. Russian women adore men for their sense of humor. It does not mean that he laughs at everything, and you have to do the same, it looks stupid. But when a man jokes skillfully, sometimes even with a spark of irony, he is the number one joker in any company. A man with a sense of humor has leadership qualities and any woman likes, that this leader chose her. When a man perceives life’s little troubles with humor, not close to heart. He will try to joke, not to upset his woman, even make fun of himself. Psychologists say that the correct sense of humor is a sign of an intelligent person.

7. Women really appreciate the respectful attitude to their person. Of course, if you want your woman to be interested only in beautiful dresses, then wouldn’t do anything too strenuous. But if you want to see a smart, worthy, interesting Russian girl next to you, just know that respectful attitude is especially important for her.

8. Women love men for understanding that they are women, and for appropriate attention. Having surrounded your Russian woman with flowers without a reason, or compliment, starting from her appearance turning to culinary skills and her economy. This of course applies to sex. Remember that all women like a long prelude, no matter what they say to you. They love when a man slowly takes off their dresses, stockings, strokes her for a long time, endlessly showering the body with kisses, teasing with strawberries, brings champagne and so on. If a man knows and understands this, then a woman will worship him. Believe me, because woman as a musical instrument – a violin, the more talented the musician, the better and more beautiful she plays.

Russian woman

9. For the ability to listen and showing interest in conversation. To please a Russian woman in an interesting conversation, do not take up subjects of fashion and beauty, she has girlfriends for this. Smart Russian woman always feels emptiness in conversation, so do not do this, because she will feel uncomfortable. Find topics in which you both have what to tell, and what to listen about. It is also very important for any Russian girl to be listened to, you do not need to exert yourself and participate in a conversation, you can just listen, because she needs to speak out. She does not ask for advice. When she talks about everything at once, just listen and hug, whispering pleasant words in her ear.

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       Read our blog, we still want to tell you a lot of interesting things about Russian women for marriage and about relationships. You will agree, it is always interesting to listen to various kinds of secrets, especially women’s. After all, they are such beautiful creatures.


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What do you think, what Russian girls love about men?

Our world was created in such a way that any person should not be along, because otherwise he or she is unhappy. Russian girls know and understand it clearly. There is no joy of being, when God created Adam, he took care about his pair.

According to legend, the first woman of Adam was not Eve, but Lilith. God molded Lilith from the same clay as Adam. They often argued about equality: Lilith was convinced that they are equal, since both are made of clay. When she couldn’t convince Adam, Lilith flew away.

Russian girls

God took this lesson into account and used the rib of Adam to create Eve so she could not claim to equality among them. This legend is indirectly confirmed by the text from the Old Testament: “for man there was not an assistant like him”, that’s why “the Lord God sent a strong sleep upon a man; and when he fell asleep, he took one of his ribs … And the Lord God made a woman from a rib taken from a man, a wife, and brought her to a man. ”

1. So, the first thing you need to love men for is that, thanks to them a woman was created. In other words, because they simply exist. they are men. It is difficult to imagine life without a reliable shoulder next to you, strong male hands. After all, a huge connection exists between the sexes. everything that Russian girls do, emphasize their appearance, watch the figure, change looks, they do it in order to please men. Men, in turn, build a career, achieve heights in business, earn millions to achieve respect and to create comfort and protection for their women.

2. Very important words in the life of every woman, Russian women wait for these words with sinking heart and trembling in the knees. These words are “I love you”. They seem just 3 small ordinary words, but because of them the head is spinning and tears of joy and happiness are tucked. Many Russian women, of course, will deny this fact, but believe me, deep down, every woman is waiting for these words!

3. Do you know another reason why Russian girls adore men? For “butterflies in the stomach.” And this is not a sign of a romantic little fool who flutters these butterflies, but this is a great pleasure and joy. It is men who capable of settling in a woman this incredible feeling.

4. If a woman loves for real, she dreams of having a baby for her man. And the highest degree of Russian girls love to a man is when her child is the spitting image of her beloved man. It is a great happiness to see the features of your beloved in a child that you have been carrying for nine months under your heart. He has the same blue eyes and long eyelashes, or toes of the same shape, or the same lovely curls on his head, even if your man is short-cut.

Russian girls

5. A very meaningful feeling for a Russian woman is to feel like a little girl. Even if you are over 50 years old. Unlimited happiness is to hear from your man “my little one” or “my girl”. For the opportunity to tap on his armpits and sweetly doze off after a wild sex or to cry when something bad happened. This gesture is very ancient and very instinctive. In such a way women using the body language, show their weakness and their position behind a husband, being under the reliable protection of their beloved man.

       More on the website: www.ukrainianfiancee.com

We hope you are interested in our revelations about the soul and thoughts of Russian girls, but that’s not all. Read the continuation in the next article!

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Kiev is a great city to meet Ukrainian bride.

It is impossible not to love Kiev. Its bridges, squares, hills and temples fascinate since the first minutes of acquaintance. You have correctly chosen the city to get acquainted with Ukrainian bride.

Ukrainian bride

It is a city with a centuries-old and interesting history. After all, Kiev is a very old city. Its history began in the IX century under the rule of princes dynasty of Rurikovich. Prince Oleg in 882 declared Kiev the capital of his state “Kiev Rus”. The quote from “Stories of time years” says a lot: “And Oleg, the prince, sat down in Kiev, and Oleg said:” May it be a mother to Russian cities! “. The dominant religion in those days was paganism, although the Christian community already existed in Kiev. Kiev is a very cultural, ethnic, Orthodox city, with its traditions and architecture.

This city is always visited by a large number of tourists, because there is something to see. The most popular places to visit are the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the central square on Kreschatik street, the Memorial of Glory, the statue of Motherland. And what a beautiful Dnepr river extends throughout the city. You have to visit any of these beautiful places with your Ukrainian bride, but better – all of them. When you get to this city, your curiosity will have no limit. It will surprise you again and again.

Walking around the city, in any district, on any street you will surely find something beautiful and interesting, and your Ukrainian bride will for sure show you the best places. The old center is especially beautiful. Sofievskaya square, on which the cathedral with gold domes flaunts. These huge buildings that seem already stand for hundreds of years. It impresses with its power and endless history. If you ask your girlfriend to tell about this city, then this story will be eternal. As you can talk and talk about this beautiful city, but it’s better to watch.

Ukraine bride

Modern Kiev is also beautiful! The incredible banks of the Dnepr, on both sides are dotted with houses, churches, monuments, parks and other buildings. It is strongly recommended to visit Kiev in the spring, especially in May. We are sure that no city in Europe is able to conquer your soul the same as Kiev. It is filled with green plantations and flowers. In May, when the chestnuts are in bloom – this is a sight to see! Along the streets there are incredibly beautiful green trees with white lanterns. Ukrainian girls are fond of walking around the streets at this time of the year.

If you choose Kiev to get acquainted with your Ukrainian bride, she will be very glad about it. In Kiev and its environs there are many suitable places for it, here the beautiful nature is combined with the architecture of city buildings. The river Dnepr with its bridges, as well, so called “Trukhanov Island”, which is like an oasis in the desert. Right in the center of the city you can sunbathe in the summer on the sandy beach, in the spring you can stroll through the forest and breathe fresh air away from the city noise and bustle. Also, Kiev is surrounded by an incredible forest with different deciduous and coniferous trees. It is a very romantic place for walking with Ukrainian girl. In the forest you are being incredibly reunited with nature, you can think and dream.

As we have already said, Kiev is an excellent place for meeting and romantic dates. That’s why our marriage agency has an office in this wonderful city with its beautiful Ukrainian brides. Our colleagues-translators will be happy to guide you around the city and provide you with a society of your girlfriend. Your acquaintance and date will be on top! Find your happiness with Ukraine bride!

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Russian women are the best wives.

We have already talked a lot about the fact that Russian women are clever and beautiful. Yes, they spend a lot of time and energy on improving their appearance. They regularly visit beauty salons, gyms, training their body. They receive higher education, sometimes even not one. They read and study a lot. They do all this in order to be interesting and desired for their beloved man.

Russian women

Some people think that they are too demanding in relationships, but that’s because they are ready to give 100% by themselves. Accordingly, the same attitude is required from men. Well, if you want easy relations without obligations, Russian bride feels it right away. Therefore, be careful, natural and frank if you really like a hot Russian woman. And if you are sure that this exactly woman you want to marry and are ready to take care of and to perceive her as she is. She, in turn, will try to do her best to make you happy. Because her own happiness depends on it too.

Russian women is brought up right from her birth. They absorb the feeling of care, coziness and family with mother’s milk. In Slavic countries mother breastfeeds her baby as long as possible and can be on maternity leave for up to 3 years. And from the very childhood a child feels care and love. This connection of family ties between parents and children. More often in Slavic families there are warm relationships between children and parents. They share their secrets.

Hospitality is also very important. Since childhood girls were watching their moms and grandmothers always welcoming guests. For every holiday there are a lot of guests and a table filled with treats. That’s how things work in Slavic nation to openly and sincerely receive guests. After all, only people who you are happy to see, come to your house, people, who actually care about you. That’s why everyone is having fun and smiling. So the girls born and brought up in such traditions, become good housewives. This is very important for a woman. It is unacceptable for a Russian woman, if her husband is hungry or when guests come, and she does not have any treats. She immediately will arrange everything, because a good housewife always has something in reserve.

Russian woman

Even if your Russian woman has already received the status of a wife, she will still continue to amaze you with her looks, stories, plans, her sexuality. You will never be bored neither at home, nor during the dinner and at sex. If a woman loves, then she loves unconditionally and with full vigour. She will try to invent something all the time to be together the more the better. After all, spending time together is so important for relationships. At first you may think that there are too much of her in your life, but if suddenly she is not there you will immediately start missing her. Because she is always smiling and playful and easily cheer you up.

Russian women know how to love. To love devotedly and selflessly. Many books are written by classics and modern poets. Italian designer Gianfranco Ferre said very beautifully about Russian women: “Russian women have a special combination of tenderness, strength and grace, passion and restraint, which makes them interesting and never – banal. They bear the imprint of the depth of a complex Russian soul, which is so difficult to understand, and it gives them a special charm. ”

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How to build a strong relationship a Ukraine bride ?

                   The first thing you need to think about and decide firmly is whether you really want a serious relationship that will grow into something more. If you are not sure, then you should not even start any relationship. Truth is always better than any lie. If you need flirting and solely sexual relationship, it’s better to say it to your Ukraine bride. It will be right and more honest.

Ukraine bride

So, you are sure that you want to build a serious, real relationship with a Ukraine bride you like. Do not forget that girls like to be conquered. When men try to please them, cater to them, pay compliments. Be able to conquer this playful female. You also have to remember that any Ukraine brides wants to see a hero, “a knight on a white horse” in her man. Even if you feel that your Ukraine bride is not very interested in you. Do your best, protect her with attention and care. Yes, to make a girl fall in love with you is an art. But you are a confident, self-reliant man, who sets goals and achieves them certainly. Any Ukraine girl will like it, and after all she is yours.

Strong, serious relationship requires a lot of work and investments from both partners. Good relations are like a bonfire, burns, as long as wood is being keeps putting into it, and the more new wood, the brighter and stronger the fire is. You have to do your best to get to know each other better to be able to act in the right direction. Be sure to give a lot of attention and time to each other. To care, to support, to seek common interests. As a result, your relationship is strengthened and you can move to a new level of relationships.

Communication between partners is very important. At the beginning of your relationship try not to touch serious topics related to failures in relationships, experiences, memories of ex-partners. This is a little alarming and may adversely affect your conversation. You shouldn’t pry with inquiries concerning emotional topics that affect the corners of a possibly wounded soul. At the beginning of its development, relations should bring positive emotions. If there are not, then the couple finds the slightest reason for grievance and discord. And then it is not easy for each of them to admit that he or she is guilty of this quarrel.

Ukrainian bride

In fact, emotional satisfaction is very important for relationships, as there is an exchange of energy between two people. It is expressed in caring for each other. And it is very important to find this common ground. You have to understand that it is important for a Ukraine bride to feel a man by her side, to feel his support in any situations. She, in turn, will consult with you on any issues. You have mutual responsibility to each other and certain duties.

Try to make decisions, be courageous and confident in your actions. Otherwise, Ukrainian bride takes on everything and asks herself, then why do I need a man, if I can by myself. If you are a couple and want to keep this relationship, do not forget about investing in your duo from both sides. But you don’t have either to take advantage, or to adapt. After all, every human is a personality, and when he or she is suppressed or is bowed, in any case, sooner or later it starts to irritate.

Continue reading here: www.ukrainianfiancee.com

In the right relationship, a man shows courage and determination, and a Ukrainian bride admires her chosen one. That’s when comfort comes in a relationship. This is very important for a Ukraine bride. When you find this comfort point, believe me, no one will leave the place where it is comfortable and good for him or her. Try to keep this point of comfort, appreciate your relationship and your partner!

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Online Ukraine Dating: Why modern men and women choose it?

Why there are more and more people try to find their happiness via internet? That’s because it’s easieer. All the people are different, some of them are very shy and humble and are hesitant to come and get to know with a girl on the street. Yes, there is a huge plus that a girl can write first and make the acquaintance ukraine dating.

Online Ukraine dating

The modern world and new technologies, social networks, dating sites. More and more people start treat internet ukraine dating with the trust. One of important element is your opportunity to see photos, find out interests and hobbies, having read a profile. Whether male or female, anyone can write first. But surely it’s much easier to write than to come up and say “sorry may I make your acquaintance?”.

Pace of life, occupancy, journeys, negotiations, bargains all these are time consuming and people don’t have time for a personal life more often. And online ukraine dating allows you to make friends and to meet your soul mate at any time of the day or night. It also allows to get to know and to communicate with people from different countries and continents. There are a lot of ukraine dating sites. And you, being in the airplane or train, can write letters and messages to your liked person. It may be your way to happiness ukraine dating.

The last year statistics show that 20% of perfect relationships started on the internet, 17% of them are legally married. You can not trust these data, but we are sure that in real life you have heard repeatedly from your friends and acquaintances about couples which have found each other exactly on the internet. Of course you have also heard some negative reports and about cheating, clearly, not without them. But the way to happiness is rocky and steep.

There are a lot of lonely people nowadays it makes them miserable. Man must live in pair. God created man and woman both for enjoying each other and for reproduction. Because a human strives for a lot of things such as wealth, success, happiness not for himself only, we do everything for someone, or rather for our beloved one. Otherwise life is boring and monotonous.

ukraine dating
Online ukraine dating helps a lot, you can not believe. But you have probably tried at least once to meet with someone online. Nobody says that the first one you liked is your soulmate although there are such cases as well. And of course you have to understand and to embrace adequately your goal, registering on the site. You may want only to communicate there and don’t look for serious relationships.

Read how to make an impression on Ukrainian women: read here

But if you are serious and want to get acquainted in real with ukraine dating and serious relationships, you should take a serious and responsible approach to this task. Process your profile in the best and most honest way. The more you write about yourself the better chances you get to meet a person with common interests. Consider your profile and add several your good photos necessarily, it will double your chances to meet a serious partner. Because profiles without photos or with photos of actors or some other famous people, both men and women are not taken seriously.

Continue reading here: www.ukrainianfiancee.com
Be modern and active, register on ukraine dating sites, communicate, fall in love and then you will meet your happiness and love on your way. It is well known “faint heart never won fair lady”.


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What they are like, girls and women of marriage agency in Kharkov?

Every person has his own mission in this world. Someone is endowed with talent to sing beautifully or to dance, someone else is determined to draw the pictures or write books. Marriage agency. Well, beautiful exterior is the same gift of nature. And it was given to accomplish the certain mission in this world, to evoke sense of beauty, pleasure, delight. Perhaps even to develop spirituality and initiation of eminence.

marriage agency

When you see a beautiful person, you want to communicate with him or her and to know better. They say there are a lot of good-looking women in Ukraine marriage agency. And this is true, when you get onto Ukrainian cities’ streets, you are getting excited. There are beautiful people, very beautiful girls around you. If you haven’t been in Ukraine marriage agency yet, we highly recommend you to visit this wonderful country with its adorable inhabitants.

Kharkov is one of the biggest cities in Ukraine. It is pretty by itself and it’s beauty is complemented by adorable creatures, who can be met anywhere, in a shop, in the subway, driving a car or just walking down the street. When you want to enjoy the beauty – go for a walk and contemplate it, what fills you with ineffable emotions.

Kharkov is considered to be the first capital of Ukraine. In 1919 it was declared as the capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Republic as part of the Soviet Union. It is the city with infrastructure development, hundreds of enterprises were built here, thousands of jobs were created. More and more people were coming from different sides of the country. A lot of higher education institutions were built and opened in Kharkov. It isn’t called a city of students for nothing.

And certainly this is the city of beautiful girls and women marriage agency. Because when getting in beautiful place you are looking to create and to keep this beauty by yourself. Girls are not only good looking but almost all of them are well-educated and cultural developed. Because they come here to study in different higher education institutions and stay down here and live, landing a job. Thus developing themselves and enterprises where they work. It is true what they say ‘if someone is beautiful, he or she is beautiful in everything”. Here and Kharkov marriage agency is considered one of the most beautiful and developing cities of Ukraine. It is thriving all the time. Parks and a lot of new houses get built.

ukraine marriage agency

You can also meet a lot of beautiful and educated girls in theaters, at opera, at the philharmonic. Yes, yes we are not exaggerating. Girls seek to develop culturally. They enjoy opera and classical music, spiritually enriching themselves. Because when you are on the concert of symphonic music, you merge into the world of dreams and illusions, you are up above the clouds. You can listen it with your eyes closed, enjoying. They are interested not only in pop music and dancing from sunset on. Ukrainian girls marriage agency are full of energy and charm, their inner world is filled with beauty, culture and art. They are all-round developed individuals, you will always have lots to talk about. You will always find common interests.

Ukrainian girls in marriage agency and women are very active. They go to theatres, disco, various festivals. There are also a lot of parks in Kharkov where interesting events are held. For example, in Gorky Park each October there is “the fiancé parade”!!! This is an incredibly beautiful show. Hundreds of girls wear wedding dresses, get their hair done, make themselves up, then bedecked and beautiful fill the park. You must see it. Come to Kharkov marriage agency, precisely in this town you will find a beautiful and clever girl for marriage marriage agency and serious relationships.

Read more on our website: www.ukrainianfiancee.com

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Some recommendations on how to please your Ukrainian girl is mother!

Ukrainian fiancees are smart, well-mannered, educated, know how to cook and to bake cakes. Ukrainian girls always look good and spend much time and efforts to their beauty. As you have probably guessed that for this, significant credit goes to mothers and grandmothers.

Their mothers were raised in such a way, from generation to generation it passes through female descendants. And undoubtedly that is exactly what you like most about Ukrainian fiancees.

She is pretty and smart, will always feed you with lunch and dinner. It is unacceptable for Ukrainian girl, if their man is hungry, it means she is a bad wife and housewife. It is important for women; they like to take care of their husband. There is even a Russian proverb about it: “Your husband’s appearance shows if you are a good mistress and wife”. That’s why they do their best to take care of both, herself and her husband.

Ukrainian girl

Well, your relationship with Ukrainian girl has reached a certain stage. You are the happiest person on this planet. You have a wonderful, smart and sexy darling. Your happiness is very close. You are heartened by love and boundless happiness. There comes a time when you have to meet with your fiancee’s parents. As her mum put the love and tender care into her daughter, you certainly have to make her like you. You worry and tying to tear the place apart. We will give you some recommendations and you will become for her the best partner for her daughter.

You are invited for the meeting parents’ dinner. The first rule, always take flowers. It’s better to have 2 bouquets. For your Ukraine girl and her mother. And it doesn’t matter how big it is or what kind of flowers are there. The most important that it is tastefully selected. If you are lost in this task, ask a flowers seller to help you. Her mother will be favorably impressed by you from the first minute of acquaintance.

Second rule. For introductions learn some words in the language which is native for parents of your Ukrainian girl. Even if parents know and speak English. Words which are strictly necessary, such as hello, goodbye, thank you, you are welcome. You will score a lot of points, using them during all the dinner. Yes, it is not so easy but quite possible. It will indicate that you are interested in their culture and family and you want to become a part of this family.

Be a gentleman. Try to demonstrate your best qualities, maybe even to play along a little in some situation, but try to do it. Extending some elementary courtesy, such as pulling a chair for your girl to sit at the table, start to eat with all the others, joke around skipping the platitudes. Offer your help, for example you can open a bottle, if there is no father at dinner, or clear the table after dinner. Open the door, pay compliments, express yourself as a gentleman the more the better and you will win a heart of your Ukrainian girl is mother for sure. Because it’s very important for any mother to give her daughter in good, caring hands. She needs to know that you are a reliable man and you will never hurt, but will love her daughter who she was raising for you.

We are sure that this little article will be useful for you. And you will conquer not only your Ukraine girl is heart but her mother’s as well, easily and with confidence. We wish you luck and an immense happiness in marriage with Ukrainian girl.

More on the website: www.ukrainianfiancee.com

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17 necessary tips to make a good impression on Russian bride

You are full of hopes and emotions waiting for the first date. How it goes, what she is like in real life Russian bride. How she smiles, talks, what she is thinking about, you are interested in everything. Yes, you spent a lot of time communicating on the internet, but now this is a moment when you see object of your desire in real life. And of course you worry about how to make a good impression on the Russian bride you like. Russian bride who you want to take with you to create a good family. In this article we will prompt you real advice on how to make a good impression and apply for the next and next dates.
Well, first date:

Russian brides

1. Bring your choice flowers. Ukrainian girls really like flowers. It could be several roses but it must be an odd number necessarily, or a bouquet of instant flowers. When you appear to your girl with a bouquet of flowers that will definitely put a smile on her face, you will see.

2. Romantic welcome. You came with flowers and there is a reason to present them and to greet a Russian bride by kissing her hand or by a peck on the cheek. While first variant will be more romantic and impressive. It would make her feel like a queen immediately because ladies of high rank were welcomed by kissing their hand in XIX century.

3. Your look has to be strict at least an elegant shirt. Ukrainian girls as you have noticed devote much time to their appearance and naturally pay attention to their partner’s appearance. That’s why be well dressed and preferably to smell good. Good perfume will complement your image of a true gentleman.

4. For the first date invite a Russian bride to some romantic place. It’s better and more appropriate if you choose it by yourself by checking a map or a guidebook to unknown for you city. Because girls prefer men who make decisions independently. Let it be a cozy and quite restaurant or a walk by the river on the boardwalk which is pass into a picnic.

5. Try to behave naturally. Histrionics and excessive efforts sometimes look off-putting. Be yourself and don’t overdo with diligence. Just be a good person from your heart.

6. Be smiley and don’t forget to display your sense of humor. As this exactly helps to keep conversation. And Russian brides really like to laugh at a good joke. But avoid vulgar and stupid jokes, express your mind, do it ably.

Russian bride

7. Take an interest and hold a conversation. Try to add new topics of conversation, lead in communication. You can ask her about dreams, journeys, her family, anything, anything at all. Let the conversation be light, non-intrusive avoiding religions and politics topics. These topics can always cause aggression and resentment from both sides. All the more according to etiquette it is in very poor taste.

8. In communicating, don’t forget to compliment your Russian bride. Perhaps a little interrupting her. You can say how smart she is, if she talks about her achievements in work. Right after welcoming, don’t forget to say how fabulous she looks and that it is a pleasure for you to be in the company of such an interesting lady.

I hope you like our tips, my dear friend. Do you want to find out more? Then read our next article with good advice. To be continued… after all there 17 tips and we raised only 8.

Continue reading here: www.ukrainianfiancee.com

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The rest of advice on making a good impression on Russian bride. Part II.

We continue to clarify the question of positive impression on Russian fiancee.
9. Be confident but don’t mess with overconfidence. Even if you are shy and diffident, your actions, gestures, questions should show confidence. Russian brides find confident men more attractive and sexy. Don’t be afraid to ask her to dance or to look into her eyes. Don’t try to do over polite and obliging.

Russian brides

10. Don’t forget to show good manners – be a gentleman. Russian brides prefer caring and attentive men. If you came by taxi, open the door from the girl’s side, giving a hand, help her to go out, having closed a car’s door after her. When entered a building, theatre, restaurant, help her to take off her outer clothing and be sure your . Russian bride feels that there is a real man next to her.

11. Be particularly interested in her, ask how was her day, what is bothering her, is she hungry. These seemingly mundane issues are very important for communication. A Russian brides cared by you. Feels that you want and seek to take care of her and this is very important for her in relationships.

12. If you want to win her trust, tell about your family and friends. Family is very important for Russian bride. When you are talking about your close relatives you sort of introduce them to her indirectly. It proves that you are a man with good intentions. You can tell her about your family traditions and holidays. The way you spend time with your family, the way you will treat her family or probably your joint family in future. Russian brides like to make bright plans in their nice heads.

13. Never ask about her ex-boyfriend and don’t tell about your previous relations. This conversation can recall bad memories or vice versa get the old feelings she was trying to forget back. Related issues and light feeling of jealousy are raising. Russian brides fundamentally dislike stories about ex-girlfriend, if you were dumped, so maybe you are not so good. And if you abandoned her you are not a serious man and it’s better to be weary of you. We recommend not even to touch this topic.

14. Respect and show enough sensitivity towards her personal and career development. If she decided to tell you about her achievements, compliment her, necessarily, tell how good she is. Don’t criticize her on the first date even if you noticed some mistakes. She will be flattered by your admiration for what she does. It may even translate into a light motivation for doing better and better.

Russian bride
15. Look into Russian bride eyes. Straight look always adds you some confidence. If you look into her eyes you sort of trying to explore her inner world, her soul. Clearly, you have nothing to hide and you are honest with her. It means you are interested in her and you want to know more and more.

16. Try to be a good listener. Be a good interlocutor but give a Russian bride an opportunity to express her opinion or explain her point of view. Agree with her and listen to her reasons and decisions. Take an interest in what she is talking about, asking thematic questions and possibly giving advice, if she tries to know your opinion.

17. If you took a decision that she is a Russian bride of your dreams and a person you need in your life, you should not accost her at the first date. Wait for the right and appropriate moment. Ask her out again and again, make it more interesting for her to strengthen your relationships. Protect her with your care, attention, love, be patient and be ready to wait a little. And for the efforts you will be rewarded with sincere and real love.
We sincerely wish you good luck in finding your love with Ukrainian girl.

Find out more here: www.ukrainianfiancee.com

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