What Do Beautiful Russian Brides Want?

To be frank, I always think myself: “What do these beautiful Russian brides really want? Why are they looking for men abroad? What is wrong with men in Ukraine or Russia?”

what do the beautiful russian brides want?

And I understood that they are actually looking for the same what any woman looks for and here are 3 factors they are looking for:

1. Security & Stability
Each woman is looking for security in life. Each wants to be loved and cared of. In Russia and Ukraine with the unstable life conditions when parts of countries come and go, it’s hard to talk about any stability, right? This is why 100s of beautiful Russian brides leave the FSU each year with the men from other countries.

2. Self actualization
In Ukraine and Russia it is hard for a woman to find her place. In this kind of society the woman’s role is quite limited and it’s limited to the kitchen and children. In Western World it’s much easier to find the things to do and get successful at. Therefore the Russian brides seek for happiness elsewhere.

beautiful russian brides

3. Normal family
Although the divorce rate everywhere is rising, in Western countries it’s still lower than in Ukraine and Russia. Women here want normal families and Ukrainian men like to drink, they are lazy and they want to have multiple love affairs having so many beautiful women around. Therefore the beautiful Russian brides are looking for men abroad.

nice good russian brides at UFMA

So, are you willing to find a good woman for yourself? Are you willing to be happy? Are you also willing to have stability and a good family with a beautiful Russian lady? See our website now and create a profile.

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Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA Agency) helps men find beautiful Russian brides since 2007.

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[UPDATE] The New Romantic Chats Window

Hi! Good news!

We’ve remade the romantic chats window. Now it adapts to the size of your screen and is easier to use both on computers, phones and tablets.

All the main features have remained the same, we just added a good and big one. I’ll tell about this a bit further.

This is how the new chats window looks now:

What is new here:
-    The size of the window will adapt to your screen and it will be comfortable for you to use it on any gadget like iPhone or a smartphone or an iPad;

-    The information about the lady and the chat time has moved to top left corner;

-    Video button and screen has moved to top middle space;

-    Features like taxi, flowers and other are under the “hamburger” menu in the top right corner now. And it looks like this when it’s open:

The appearance of the chat messages has also changed a bit. Now the lady’s messages will have the pink background and your messages will have the grey background. So it will be easier to read them.

The New feature: sending photos in the chats

There’s one big change in the chats: you can send your photos right there now. And a lady can send them to you too.

You can open the photos and discuss them with a lady. And please note, they will also be saved in your Photomanager, so you’ll have them there forever, they won’t be just in the chat. And you can see them in the chats history too.

To send your photo to a lady, please click the “Send photo” icon in the chat window.

And there opens your screen with the photos, just like in your Photomanager.

You can upload and send the photos right there:

Choose a photo and it will then appear right in the chat and the lady can see it full size.

All photos you upload will also appear in your Photomanager in “My Photos” page. And all sent photos will appear in “My Sent Photos”.

Ladies also can send their photos to you during chats. When a lady sends a photo, it will appear in the chat and you can accept it and then click on it and open full size.

All incoming photos will appear in your “Incoming Photos” folder of the Photomanager and all accepted photos will be in the “Accepted Ladies’ Photos”

I hope you will enjoy the new chats. Here you can see who is online now and start chatting.

If there will be any problems while using them, please write to support@ukrainianfiancee.com and I’ll fix them ASAP.


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Ukrainian sunflower Alina #385

It is a well-known fact that Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful brides of all. They are charming and well-groomed. No wonder that men from all over the world are hunting for Ukrainian beauties.UFMA Agency offers its clients a new adorable Ukrainian lady Alina #385.

Alina #385 from UFMA

She is looking for the man of her dreams and can’t wait to find him! You can help her with that.

Alina is a wonderful woman, with true Ukrainian values and friendly nature.

She is always open to new contacts and takes a deep interest in a foreign culture and a life-style.

If you are also looking for a wife and plan to create a good family, Alina might be a perfect match for you.

It is always pleasant and breathtaking to talk to a nice decent lady even if this is not going to end in something big.

Meet Alina #385 among Russian brides

Russian brides on UFMA site are all pleasant and courteous in their correspondence. Alina holds the highest envisioning of a marriage and takes it with a full responsibility. Mutual support, understanding and care between the spouses is that what this girl is dreaming about!

What can be more pleasant and fulfilling than waking up in the arms of a person who you deeply love, especially when she is one of gorgeous Ukrainian girls? And then spend the whole day bestowing happiness and inspiration to each other.

This new day is not like any other and it is taken as a gift to withdraw pleasurable and unforgettable moments. Alina always smiles and likes to share her good mood with people.  She is good-natured and easy-going, but at the same time this woman has a feeling of responsibility for all her deeds.

Alina #385 is one of the best Ukrainian girls

If you are a sociable person and have a lot of friends around you, then Alina is a great match for you. She is fond of socializing and meeting new people. Her motto is “Every day is like no other therefore live like tomorrow never comes”.

Alina #385 & Russian brides

No doubt, life with such person can be sunny and positive! Russian brides are, indeed, good housekeepers.

Creating comfort and cozy atmosphere at home is their calling.

They love taking care of the house and all the things that are attached or somehow associated with it.

This is not an obsession, rather a beautiful and winning skill of women fromUkraine.

This is what makes them so desirable for marriage life. Alina is good at cooking.

Alina #385 is one of the tender Ukrainian girls

She loves making various dishes, especially tasty Italian food. It is a dream of any man to have a beautiful, well-groomed wife who cares about his stomach and mind! And that is how this woman really is.

Alina #385 and Ukrainian girls

Her heart holds many secrets, her mind holds beautiful thoughts and wisdom.

You can get to know her right today, without postponing any second!

This correspondence can become a life-turning point for both of you.You never know until you try.

Write her a simple and nice letter that will make a stunning beginning of a long and romantic journey that both of you will never want to end.

Visit Alina #385 profile HERE>>

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Meet Ukrainian model Oksana #384

It is long time known that Ukrainian girls are the most charming women in the world. They are wanted in all corners of the word and have a fame of being extremely faithful and caring in marriage life. This is not a myth, but rather a solid fact.

Oksana #384 and UFMA Russian brides

The best way to check it is to get to know one of beautiful Russian Brides real close. UFMA Agency presents you charismatic and very attractive Oksana #384. She is able to impress anyone with her pulsating fountain of inner strength and perseverance.

Despite a well-developed self-confidence, this girl is mild in her nature and ready to bloom when touched by a gentle hand. Oksana is one of those girls who cannot leave you indifferent. And it will take you for ages to discover her secret and irresistible magnetism.

Visit Oksana #384 personal page HERE>>>

Like Russian brides? Get to know Oksana #384

She immediately makes an impression of a well-groomed lady with a great taste in clothes and overall look. Oksana is definitely worthy your attention! She is a perfect woman for serious relationship. Any man would feel comfortable and cozy in her presence because she is a decent and considerate person. Oksana strongly believes that mutual trust plays not the last role in good relationship.

Of course, it is so. When added such qualities as care, attention and great housekeeping skills, this girl may become your best friend, your adviser and mentor one day. Everyone has his own expectations and scale of demands for a life partner.

Oksana #384 is the best among Ukrainian girls

Men dream to be with their wide how they are, without masks and pretentious behavior. Oksana is an independent and self-reliant woman. Ukrainian girls she can make your life complete and versatile b adding her own interests into your course of life.

They understand that a woman should walk beside a man, but not in front of him or somewhere behind. Oksana is ready to love and respect her man. She has a favorite occupation that keeps a fire inside her soul. She never falls into blue mood because there are so many nice things and enjoyment in life.

Oksana is interested in the career of a model and an actress. She has already tried her strength in shooting. This is an experience not everyone can talk about. Imagine if your girl becomes one day a famous actress.

Oksana #384. The hottest of our Russian brides

Oksana #384 at UFMA

That is like a Hollywood dream! Above all mentioned, Oksana is a good housewife. Be sure that she will keep your house clean and tidy. Russian brides love cooking. Oksana is not an exclusion. Her future husband is doomed to eat tasty tarts and cupcakes.

If you got interested in Oksana, don’t wait and write her first. She is a friendly girl and will be glad to reply to you. Who knows, it can be the fate and you will write your own story together.

Talk to Oksana #384 HERE >

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Meet sunny Natalia #383 from UFMA

Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency offers its users to check a profile of a new Ukrainian bride. Meet Natalia #383 and get to know her closer. O you are tired of useless searchers and feel desperate about finding the one for your life, write her a nice introductive letter. She is a very charming and sunny lady. VISIT Natalia profile HERE>>>

Beautiful Natalia #383 UFMA

She is looking for a serious and long-lasting relationship and hopes to meet the right person on our site. She might been looking exactly for you! Like many beautiful Russian brides Natalia can be a perfect wife for a man who would choose her out of a million.

Natalia #383 is one of the most beautiful Ukrainian girls

Open-minded and friendly, Natalia is welcoming and very responsive. She will be happy to receive a message from you. As a perfect representative of Ukrainian culture and mentality, Natalia is honest and has a cheerful character. Both qualities are very valuable and precious for having any strong relationship.

It is wonderful to have someone you can completely trust and who would always have a good spirit. Natalia is mild and sweet. She has a lot of love to share with the right person. She feels the need to open her heart to the One and shine through his entire life.

Natalia carries strong family values and dream to build a great family with warm relationship among all its members. Being Ukrainian, Natalia has all the chances to apply her woman’s wisdom in the marriage. Marriage is something big and very sacred for those who step in it.

Natalia #383 is one of our great Ukrainian girls!

It is the strongest unity of two people sealed by vows. Most Ukrainian girls feel great responsibility when getting married and tries their best to keep the feelings fresh and romantic. If you visit the profile of Natalia, you will be stunned by her radiating smile and kind eyes that radiate warmth and sincerity.

Natalia #383 UFMA Agency

Her smile is irresistible and it can be you to whom it will be addressed most of the time. She is like a summer flower, can charm anyone who passes by! This grace and attraction of looks are not the only merits Natalia holds. She is very active in life and ready to try new things.

Russian brides are marked by this feature of being open-minded and daring to widen their horizons. Lively and a bit emotional, Natalia has a keen feeling of sympathy and tolerance. This lady seems to be an interesting interlocutor as she likes reading.

Natalia #383 among beautiful Russian brides

Natalia #383 & Russian brides

Literature is known to develop person’s thinking and carve the habit of contemplating and looking into the depth of the matter.

It is most likely that your correspondence with Natalia will be lively and meaningful. But that is only for you to prove.

There are so many things to discover about this charming Ukrainian lady. They can’t be stated all here. Natalia’s heart is open and it longs for companionship.

If you are a man with decent intentions, with an aim to find true love and everlasting happiness, don’t hold back and contact Natalia right NOW!!! Ukrainian girls are the best wives.

>>TALK to Natalia #383 HERE<<

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Ukrainian girl Elena #382 says hello to you!

UFMA Agency is presenting its new member in the gallery of ladies. Meet charming and extremely lovely Elena #382. She is here to find the man who would love and care about her all life long. As any nice lady she deserves the best and true quiet marital happiness.

As any other woman on our site, she is ready for serious relations and may consider possibility of relocation. If you like to see a lady with an aim in her life, Elena is for you. She is one of Ukrainian girls who would never let her man down and keep pushing forward.

Russian brides Elena from UFMA

Click HERE & Visit Elena #382 profile>> 

Our girls have the sweetest character, they offer their beloved man peace and greatest support.They embrace their man with all flaws and advantages and cherish the shortest moments spent together.

It is known that Russian brides have a mild nature and apply tolerance with things.

Elena #382 is one of the best Ukrainian Girls

Their love is unconditional. Their ability to protect and desire to make another person happy are undisputable.Elena is not an exception as she was brought by in Ukrainian culture and now carries its best values. Any person is like an unknown planet.

To be allowed to walk on its surface is the greatest pleasure of all.Elena has her winning qualities that you might not notice unless you talk to her. She is a very sociable woman. She likes keeping up a lively conversation with politeness and courtesy. She has already trodden a firm path in the working sphere.

Elena is not career centered but she understands the importance to feel financially stable. Most of all she wants to create a happy family and raise beautiful children with the right man. As many beautiful Russian brides, Elena takes a great pleasure in cooking. This is a great quality of a woman as a housewife.

Meet Elena #382 from Russian Brides

Daily duties have cannot be neglected and cooking skills do come handy in a family life. It’s beautiful when a wife is able to prepare delicious dinner and surprise her man and children with the variety of healthy meal.

 Ukrainian girls for datingIn her free time, Elena can accompany her mood with music. The mix of jazz, rock and pop compositions make up her playlist.

She has a versatile taste and is open to anything new. Elena mentions her biggest interests in life in this period of life, which is dancing and reading.

Dancing is the best way to convey emotions and feelings trough the body language. This art has always been fascinated and loved by all people.



Elena #382 has Russian brides character

It frees the soul from chains and places a person into an imaginary world of music and humane self-expression. Through literature Elena has sharpened her esthetic tastes and learnt some wisdom of human nature. She is quite well-rounded and can maintain interesting conversation.

Elena #382 & Rusisian bridesThis girl seeks balance and harmony in all spheres of life. She tries to pay attention equally to personal affairs, work and self-growth. How well she is managing, you can inquire in your letter to Elena. There is much more to learn about this young and beautiful, in a wide sense of this word, girl.

She might be a perfect match for you. The best way to find it out is to contact her, let her know your deepest interest and true intentions. Your letter might be the beginning of a big miracle that will amaze everyone around..

But who said miracles don’t exist. All you have to do is to dare. All Ukrainian girls, presented by UFMA Agency, are very friendly and open to conversation.They show genuine interest in correspondence and like to reply to nice and decent letters. They want to find here real LOVE and secretly carry a big hope for that.

Try your fate NOW and write to Elena #382!!! Send her a small letter and be sure to receive a warm reply.

Check Elena profile here>>

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New Russian bride at UFMA – beautiful red hair girl Margareth #375

Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) offers a big gallery of charming Ukrainian girls. Today it shows its users a new Ukrainian bride from Kharkov.

Margareth is one of the most beautiful Russian brides at UFMA

Here is the link to Margareth’s profile >>

Red haired Russian brides at UFMAMargareth #375 is a beautiful lady. She wants to find a good caring man for serious relationship. She is open to communication and hopes to meet the right person to start a joyful family life. She believes that true love and happiness in marriage exist.

Her heart is single for now but it is welcoming and warming. Margareth is a very sociable girl, so be frank and feel free to write her a letter and start a conversation. She is friendly and ready to reply to you both with a great politeness and consideration. In the course of correspondence you might become true friends, and possibly even something more.

As any other girl, sunny and cheerful Margareth hides a key from her heart. It can be you whom she will open the door and lets in to the deepest corners of her fragile and naïve soul. Margareth is quite young. It means she is more open, free in her feelings and deprived of sour experience that always leaves a marking on a person.

Margareth is one of the beautiful ukrainian girlsShe is enthusiastic and believing, boisterous and full of vital energy. Her dreams only start to shape, her expectations are at their highest grade. That is what youth means!

Margareth is a perfect representative of Russian brides in character and nature. As all ladies, who are registered on our site, she is family oriented. She dreams to make her man happy by giving children to him.

There is nothing more valuable and worthy than building a strong and happy family where all its members are united by great feelings of love and mutual support. With the right intentions and firmly set goals, all of it seems real and achievable.

Margareth, like many Ukrainian girls, has a gentle and tender character

Her gracious figure and magnetic eyes can not leave you aside. But the femininity this girl possesses is hidden a way deeper than her attractive looks.

See the slideshow of her photos:

Being quite young, Margareth knows the values of trust, faithfulness and honesty. She believes that a real woman should be, first and foremost, wise, should understand her man and his needs. It is always in her hands and power to create harmonious and well balanced relationship. Marriage is all about compromise and understanding.

If you check Margareth’s profile, you will learn that she has no time to be gloomy. Active social life and constant self-improvement is what makes up her being for now.

Russian brides at Kharkov UkraineIt is important to have a person beside you whose spirits are always up and whose cheering character makes your life easier. By the way, it is one of the best national qualities of Russian brides, to find a way out and turn things into a positive flow. Margareth tries to be healthy and wants to make progress in sport.

Visit her profile to find out which sport she wants to take seriously, almost professionally. As any well-rounded person, she has many interests and hobbies. Apart from travelling and cooking, there is something else that makes her life enjoyable. Intrigued? She might be a good if not a perfect match for you! Write her a letter!

>> CHECK Margareth’s profile here

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How to avoid risks when travelling to Ukraine

1. Dining out safely

The first danger foreigners might face while coming to Ukraine, as to any other unknown place, is low-quality food. There are many good places for dining out in Ukraine but bad ones also exist. Of course, you don’t want any complications or health issues when you are on a journey. The only advice we can give is to go to restaurants and cafes with fair name. The list of decent dining places is available in the internet. You can also contact the UFMA Agency for such information. We are ready to advice you only top restaurants where you can enjoy great food for a reasonable prize. Finding the right place to have dinner is even more important when you are on a date with one of the Russian Brides. The chances to make great impression on a lady doubles with the right place. Romantic atmosphere, nice service and delicious meal can make the evening with your date unforgettable and pleasant.
2. Protect your budget.

One of the things you should care bout while going to another country is the currency exchange. It is not a secret that some locals try to deceive foreigners when it comes to money exchange. Never trust a street dealer who offers you an exchange at a very favorable rate. There is a high chance that you won’t get he promised sum and will be openly fooled. Keep your money safe and go through exchange procedure only in the banks. The qualified bank staff will give you an expected polite treatment and make sure that it goes clear. There are many banks in Ukraine and you shouldn’t have any problem exchanging money.
3. Which cab to call?

Guests and visitors of Ukraine also confront the problem of calling the right cab service. Moreover, there is a high possibility that you will meet one of our beautiful Ukrainian girls. She will definitely appreciate if you take care of her way home and get a car for her. Are you familiar with the situation when you want to get to the destination and you don’t know where to call. If not, you are lucky! There are dozens of taxi agencies in any city of Ukraine, but which one to trust yourself in? Try asking the local people for the number or simply contact UFMA. We can share the info about a few reliable cab services which guarantee safety and comfort.
Another way to have it right is to let the hotel you are staying in to call the taxi. It is when you want to leave the residence and go somewhere.
4. My dwelling is my fortress

If you are planning to have to visit Ukraine and stay here for a while, you will need a residence. Out of common expectations, it is a place for relaxation and rest. Sightseeing and long walks around city center do take energy. A nice cozy apartment or a hotel room is the only thing you might want after a long and saturated day. You can rest your body there and contemplate about a wonderful date with one of the Russian Brides. Booking the hotel room is not a problem but renting a house might be quite troublesome. There is a dirty business built on renting houses in any country of the world. Ukraine is not an exception. If you venture to rent a place by yourself, you might stumble across fake agents who know many ways how to extract money from the client and come off clear. The best way to avoid this risk is to rent the checked places or have UFMA Agency book the apartment for you in advance. We know reliable people and have a handful of nice residences to offer.
5. Date only real Ukrainian girls

It sometimes happens that marriage agencies drain money from their male clients and put fake profiles of girls. There are cases when men spend much time and resources on useless searches of something that doesn’t exist. In order not to fall into a pit, register only in the approved dating sites or visit the official page of the UFMA Agency. We show only the checked profiles of women. All of them are serious and seek serious marital relationship. Not only are they beautiful, but have many personal talents and high family values. The gallery of Ladies is open to any visitor. UFMA Agency feels proud of helping people to find their half. It has created many marriages. You can read about it in details on the official site. www.ukrainianfiancee.com
Dear readers, we hope that you will benefit from this article. Live a happy life and be in love!

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Three principles of long and happy family life

Much depends on the understanding and excepting, readiness to make compromises and care about the partner. Building a family needs ability and wish to give another person happiness, a constant search of the ways that could lead to spiritual closeness with a partner.

Here are three simple but very efficient principles that can make your family life enjoyable and happy. Use them while dating one of our Russian brides.

1. Simply talk it Out!

The most common mistake people make is when they try to hold things they don’t like to themselves. You should keep it in mind: we are all different and we have different values. Let another person know what’s bothering you. It often happens that heroic patience turns out to be a great boom at the end and results in painful scandals. You should remember to talk about the problem in a short time and don’t try to keep it inside. Otherwise, a small snowball will turn with time into a demolishing avalanche. Better, have it sunny and warm, right?;)

But talking about the problem is also an art. You should be careful in the form of expressing it, for it not to sound like a reproach or stingy remark. In fact, it should be let out in a calm way. Try to put emotions aside and look at the situation from a distance. It’s is not a battle where someone takes a victory. Establishing genuine and trusty relations is the main goal here. Stick to the main point and don’t tackle all disagreements at once. And don’t forget about the “golden magic” of a compromise. Put a pinch of a humor into the discussion. Ukrainian girls adore this feature in men.

2. Positive mood and kindness are your best helpers!

It is not a Wow that healthy relationship gives both partners a great charge, enormous inspiration. After spending time together your overall tonus increases, emotions hit the marking “super high” and you are on a positive wave. Seeing or spending time together gives lovers strength to move the mountains. You must know the feeling when everything seems possible to you and you strive for a 100% success, no less.

So, how to keep that chemistry forever? First and foremost, be positive yourself. There is no need to get irritated over small things or trivial drawbacks of your partner. Answer with kindness to a sudden bout of anger, give more understanding and try to keep your own spirit up. Share humor and mutual smiles without a limit. Stay free with each other where your own “voice” is heard and needed. Develop your own personality, attend courses and gain new skills. By the end of the day, you can share impressions and stay interesting for the partner. Which can be one of our gorgeous Ukrainian girls.

3. Shoot for mutual goals!

“Love is not when two are looking at each other, but in the same direction” (Exupery). It’s essential for a good-quality relationship to define mutual goals. Then the unity is strong and has a great chance to withstand the hardship that do happen in love.

Being driven by the same motives, wanting same things makes the couple almost unbreakable. It is a teamwork when support is given every time someone step down. We all seek emotional support and encouragement. Only in this way the connections between all the members of the family will be strong and lasting. Such family is a great environment for bringing up happy children, with right values and future model for their own relationship with opposite sex.

Well, not easy, ha? With practice and right approach you will master these three principle. You will be amazed at the changes it can bring into your personal life. Russian brides will appreciate it.


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Three Souvenirs you should bring from Ukraine

Travelling to another country is a fascinating experience. The best way to keep a memory of it is to get traditional souvenirs. They will remind you of that journey and bring up once faded feelings. If you ever happen to be in Ukraine on a business or regular visit, you should drop by one of the souvenir shops and purchase a Ukrainian traditional item.

This is a memory forever. So, what should you bring from Ukraine?
Ukrainian ornaments and souvenirs

You will be struck by the variety of Ukrainian souvenirs: badges, pictures, magnets, broidery, caricatures, statues, cups and plates with Ukrainian ornaments, posters, jewelry, traditional clothes, ribbons and ceramics. They all look attractive and a foreign guest often feels lost when time comes to make a choice. Don’t worry, dear friend. Check the list of three souvenir items which are purely Ukrainian and have no analogues in the world.

1. Be fashionable in Ukrainian embroidered shirt “Vyshyvanka”

Ukrainian Vyshivanka shirt is very beautiful

In the past “vyshyvanka” carried a very deep religious meaning and protected its owner from the evil. That’s why the shirts were trimmed with various ornaments on the sleeves, collar or anywhere where the body was uncovered. Now it is a symbol of Ukrainian rebirth and cultural values. You can see modern Ukrainians wear it on the streets. Many put it on special occasions and big holidays.

Every region of Ukraine has its own peculiar “vyshyvanka” which differ from others by ornament and color gamma. The pattern is characterized by simple geometrical figures (rooted in the ancient Ukrainian mythology) and nature motives. In western Ukraine traditional shirts bear many colors while in some eastern lands they are limited in terms of color. Black and red are the most widely used colors in Ukrainian “vyshyvanka”. Black symbolizes earth, fertility and wealth. And red stands for merriment, love and longevity.

Shirts were embroidered only with Ukrainian women’s hands, thus it possessed a strong emotional charge and symbolized love, loyalty and good. In Kyiv Russ every woman knew many techniques of sawing. It was against principles to buy or sell an ornamented shirt, therefore even the richest Ukrainian women had to make shirts for the family herself.

2. Magic of Ukrainian painted Wooden Spoon

Ukrainian wooden spoons

A wooden spoon is one of the most recognizable traditional items of Ukraine. You won’t believe it but a wooden spoon, unlike a metal cutlery, gives the food gentle exquisite taste and scent. You can never get burnt eating from a wooden spoon.

Back in centuries wooden spoons were of many forms and sizes. They were deep and almost flat, oval and round, dull and sharp. The most widespread were white spoons meaning not painted. The most expensive ones had a carved handle made from fruit trees. Spoons that were carved and had paintings were used only on big holidays. Such spoons are now available as a souvenir.

This souvenir can still be exploited unlike many others. Instead of keeping it on the shelf, you can use it while dining. It is not only beautiful but quite useful for health. A wooden spoon is ecologically clean. No wonder that Ukrainians had ate with wooden spoons and stayed healthy till the very old age.

3.  What do you know about  Ukrainian painted egg “Pysanka”?

Ukrainian painted egg - pysanka

“Pysanka” is an egg painted with wax and paints. It is a symbol of Eater Holiday in Ukraine. In the past “pysankys” were present at all important occasions, such as weddings, childbirth or housewarming celebrations. It was given to those who set for a long journey as an amulet and also symbolized the beginning of a new life. It is interesting to know, Ukrainians see an egg as a symbol of life, universe and God’s creation.

Ukrainian women used only natural colorings withdrawn from nature: leaves, herbs, roots and flowers. The techniques of painting were passed down the generations. A young girl would learn them from her grandmother and would not dare to change it in her lifetime. The patterns usually had a sacred meaning. The symbolism of colors is also of a great importance. The choice of the color often depended on the occasion and a receiver of the gift.

If you are planning a visit to Ukraine, or have any questions about coming here, please visit our contacts page, we will be glad to help you!

Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA Marriage) Team

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