More new ladies come to UFMA: Irina #347 and Elena #348

This beautiful day we want to present the flesh blood in our agency, two beautiful ladies, Elena #348 and Irina #347, who are waiting for the true love and expecting the real relationship!

Irina #347 is now retired and has lot of time to enjoy every minute of her life. She used to work as a lawyer and was really busy during her working days, so she is happy to have some free time now. She is very communicative and full of energy. In her free time she likes walking in the park and exploring the new places in her city, because Irina thinks it is never too late to learn.

Click here to visit profile of Irina and see all photos

The other lady, Elena #348, is a very thoughtful, well mannered person who respects other people. Elena works as a University professor and contact the youth every day. It keeps her heart to be full of energy and liveliness. As Elena says, she is young in her heart and she is ready to start something new.

See full profile of Elena and many photos

Irina likes reading, because books are good means for getting the new information. Usually she reads detective stories and poetry. So if you will take her for a walk to some park, she will cite you her favorite verse.

Elena likes listening to the jazz music, as well as Irina, blues music and reading detectives. Being very active, Elena will never let you to be bored.

Both of our ladies like travelling and have been to many countries. Talking about Irina, she enjoyed her trips to Europe and India. And in Elena’s case, she likes countries in the European Union. Both of them are open to experience new emotions and to see the new places.

See the page of New Ladies and more photos of ladies:

Irina is looking for a good man with kind and balanced character that will be attentive to her. She is ready to open her heart to a man who will bring her joy with every move he does. So if you like our Irina, contact her and start writing your own novel with a woman that already has a pen and a note-book.

Elena wants to find a good man who is ready to receive all the tenderness she has and give some in return. Elena has a lot of love to give and wants to find the right man. If you think that Elena is the right woman for you, contact her and be ready to dive into the ocean of love. Be sure that you have a swimming suit and goggles, because the ocean of love will overwhelm you!

See more photos of these ladies:
Irina #347

Elena #348

If you have any questions, write us and we will tell you more about the ladies!

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New lady at UFMA: Anna #350

We are happy to introduce you the new girl in our agency who is looking for love – Anna #350:

Anna is a beautiful, 29 year old girl who is looking for a real man who will surround her with all his tenderness and love and in her turn, she will provide a lot of nice and pleasant emotions to her partner!

Anna never sits at one place; she is very active and energetic! In order to stay in shape she likes going to gym to make her body fit and her mind clear. Anna thinks that training at the gym is a great opportunity to splash out all the negative emotions. She likes walking in the park and enjoying the nature. Anna is very fond of nature! At her free time she likes growing flowers in the garden and giving a little bit more of beauty to the world.

As Ukrainian woman Anna has a good sense of humor, so you will never get bored with her. She can communicate with you at any subject you want, because she is very communicative and open. Being very active and communicative, Anna also can be a little bit shy that can be considered as her advantage.

Anna works in optics as a consultant, so you can be sure that your eyes will be safe with her. The only thing from which your eyes could be suffering is from contemplating her beauty. In this case she will prescribe you a pair of special glasses ;)

Anna is a versatile woman, she likes a lot of things. As a well-educated woman she is aimed to find out something every day. Anna thinks that everyone should develop themselves to become a better person every day.

See more photos of Anna #350:

Anna likes watching many kinds of movies. Beginning with the horror movies and finishing with drama movies. She doesn’t like to limit herself and choose only one genre of movies and music. One more advantage that we can add to the enormous list of her preferences is that Anna is a very determined person; usually she reaches the goals that she sets for herself.

As it is said, every woman should be an actress to her man. Anna is very interesting and adventurous woman that knows how to surprise her man. She can be romantic, tender, sensual lover, loving mother and good mistress of the house one time, and passionate and affectionate the other time.

Now, Anna is single and wants to find the man with whom she will spend the rest of her life, her second half. Anna dreams about the family with a loving man next to her who will take care of her and who will support her. So if you think that you are that very man and you want to find out more about our beautiful Anna, write her a letter and start a little journey with her!

Visit Anna’s profile to read more about this lady and see more photos:

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Research: Why Ukrainian Women Are So Beautiful. Three Reasons.


For a long time I’ve been wondering why Ukraine has so beautiful women??

People who have been all around the world do confirm that women here are the best. Especially on the East of Ukraine. Especially in Kharkov (this is true).

There’s a famous traveler and designer Artemy Lebedev, who has been to ALL countries in the world (around 250 places). And answering the question where the most beautiful women are, he said that they are in Ukraine and Trinidad. I don’t know anything about Trinidad, but I can talk about Ukraine :)

So, here are three main reasons of women’s beauty in Ukraine (to my opinion):

1. The Blood

There’s an interesting mixture of blood here. Ukrainians are the south-eastern Slavic people, who always lived on the territory which is a border between forest and steppe, between nomadic and sedentary peoples.

Therefore here there always were a lot of wars and conquests.

As the result, the blood of people was mixed, adding some southern and eastern bloods into the main Slavic one. The mixture of peoples always gives beautiful descendants.

2. The Climate

Climate in Ukraine is mainly sharply continental – there are cold snowy winters here and very hot summers. The climate is not very easy for life and not mild, therefore only the strongest and most healthy people survived here.

At the same time the soils here are very fertile – there’s most black earth in the world here (around 30% of all on Earth). Good food gives good health.

Ukrainian men are famous for their strength and women – for their beauty and health.

3. The Culture

The habit of reverence and chanting of beauty is the key thing in Ukrainian culture since old times.

Plus beautiful women were not killed here in the medieval age at the Witch hunts like it was done in Europe. So this country is still full of beautiful witches (just kidding).

Ukrainian girls like to look beautiful and sporty. Almost every girl here was in the model school and studied to be elegant and took part in model contests and shows. This teaches women not only to look well, but also to show themselves and behave right.

So we are lucky that we have such beautiful women.

You can easily be same lucky if you choose your own beauty from our
Gallery of beautiful Ukrainian women.

Have a good week!


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How to choose the right woman for relationships. 3 steps.


Today we touch the topic of choosing the right woman for relationship.

I think it’s the most important choice we ever make. Your mate will either put you on top of life and make you happy, or can turn your existence into hell.

I divided the search process into 3 steps.

Step 1: Define what you want from the woman

It’s hard to get somewhere if you don’t know where you are going.

And it’s much easier to achieve the goal if you know WHAT EXACTLY you want.

So first what you need to do is to define the important sides of a woman who you want to see beside you. It can be sexuality, good figure, cooking or else. Write down at least 15 points. Think well.

Also you can write several points which you DON’T want to see in your woman. Recollect your past experience. It can be untidiness, conflict character or bad sex. If such things are important for you – list them.

Now you have the road map of your relationships. You have set the goal.

What next?

Step 2: Search and understand if she meets your demands

You can search for a woman in many ways, even meet her in the street.

If you are looking in a marriage agency, you can comfortable search online by parameters:

When you are talking to a lady in correspondence, chats or in reality, ask more about those features you’ve listed above. Ask about her interests, routine life, hobbies.

[TIP] How to create a better contact with a woman at a date.
We all like the ones who are similar to us. It’s like the “friend-or-foe” system in a jet.
So find out the interests a woman has and detect your common ones – those can be books, traveling, sports or else. Concentrate on them, talk about them. This will be interesting for both of you and will get you closer much easier.

Talk more with a lady and spend more time. Try to spend it in different places and situations, so you can see how she behaves. Don’t just sit in cafes or restaurants all the time.

Best of all one shows herself in a game. Play poker with her for a good amount of money! (just kidding :) Best of all is something active – play tennis, or go to an amusement park.

There you will see how she behaves in different situations. And if she’s good for you.

Step 3: Detect the “red flags” in her behavior to know her real attitude

- Lateness
If a woman is late to the meetings all the time without serious reasons, it means she doesn’t value you and your time. For me the critical time of lateness is 10 minutes. 15 maximum, maybe because she was making herself beautiful for the meeting. But more than that is neglecting your wishes and time. Of course if you are all the time late too and come even later than her, it’s OK :)

- Bad mood
If she always is in bad mood, bad health or depressed, stay away from such woman. In general I’d stay away from the ones who have more problems than you and they are always complaining. Such relationships will be oppressing you.

- Lack of interest
If a lady shows the lack of interest in you, it’s not good for long relationship. No matter how cool you are, maybe you are just not her type. Winning a woman is nice, but frankly, this is not for serious relationship. Otherwise you will need to be winning her all the time. And this type of relationship will just exhaust you. And her too. So it’s perfect when a woman likes you even more than you like her.

I wish you the right choice and great women on your way!

In our Gallery you can choose the best women, who are ready for serious relationship:

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In the comments you can write questions and what you want me to write about next time.

Have a good weekend!


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How to successfully visit Ukraine in search of a woman and avoid all difficulties and troubles. [3 main points]

1. How safe is it to travel to Ukraine now?

As you know, one year ago there was an armed conflict in Ukraine.

For now the war activities in Ukraine are localized in a small area on the south east of the country. The area is totally surrounded and there is a buffer zone around it.

On the rest of the Ukrainian territory life is going in it’s normal and calm way. All people are working and living their normal lives.

In the streets there’s a lot of police and national guard who take care of the order.

Kharkov is the city with most quantity of police for the population. Security and order here are on the high level.

In the city center you can walk and enjoy life anytime. In the night it’s not recommended to be around drunk people – in the bars or night clubs. Drunk people can be aggressive.

In the rest Ukrainians are a very peaceful nation.

2. Food, accommodation, transport and leisure – what’s up with them?

As you are going here on vacation, it’s important to spend it in safe and comfortable way, right?


Ukraine is an agricultural country. They grow everything here – vegs, fruit, meat, make wine, juices and other drinks. Soil here is very good. And everyone who visits Ukraine says that food here’s very tasty.

And the huge plus for you is that last year dollar and euro got 2.5 times more expensive, but the prices have risen for 10-20% max. So for you it is 2 times cheaper to travel to Ukraine!

In Kharkov city there are lots of cafes and restaurants with European and Ukrainian cuisine. The best are Pushka, Argentina Grill, Sloboda, Shato.

In Ukrainian cuisine I’d recommend you to try borsch, vareniki and draniki.

There are several great Italian restaurants: De Gusto, Trattoria.

Also Kharkov is famous for it’s beer pubs. People from all around come here to drink beer. There are some small breweries with good beer too. Good pubs are: Stargorod, Irish Pub and Slavutich Shato.

An average check in a good restaurant for 2 people for dinner and alcohol will be around 50 dollars. Without alcohol 20-40 dollars.

You can have lunch in a café for 3-5 dollars. In such places like Puzata Khata, Coffee Life and other places on business lunch time.


There’s a lot of hotels that were build and remodeled before Euro 2012 football cup. You can easily find them online.

UFMA provides comfortable apartments for the guests. Where you can enjoy calm and private atmosphere.

The price per night in a good hotel in Kharkov is 60-120 dollars.

Transport and leisure time

Best way to get to Ukraine is by plane.

Most flights go to Kiev. And further you can fly to Kharkov or other cities.

Taxi in Kharkov is not expensive. In the city center you can travel for 2-3 dollars per ride. Travel outside the city will be 20-30 dollars one way.

As I wrote before, there’s a lot of restaurants, bars and pubs in the city. There are a lot of night clubs and Discos, best ones are Bolero and Panorama.

There are 2 zoos and the big amusement park in the city center.

For the history lovers we have a lot of museums – historical museum, art galleries. There are several old mansions and castles around the city.

There are almost 2 million people in the city. There’s everything here.

You won’t be bored for sure :)

3. Meeting the ladies.

As this is the marriage agency, we welcome guys from all around the world who come to meet their second halves.

So I will write a little about how this happens.

Of course you can come and try to meet the ladies in the streets, bars or such. But it’s not guaranteed that the ladies will welcome this and it’s not guaranteed that those will be good women with good intentions.

Or you can try and come to meet a lady via the agency. You can correspond with her a little and come to see her.

The big plus of meeting ladies this way is that they have same goals and intentions as you – creating family and relationships.

Of course the services of the agency are paid, but maybe this is worth not wasting time and money for other useless contacts.

At UFMA you can get the “all inclusive” Romantic Tours or Introduction services.

See more and watch a short video about UFMA Tours here:

And welcome to Kharkov to have a great vacation!

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5 Romantic Ideas For Every Day

Is there no romance in your relationship?

Quarrels and misunderstanding have become a usual thing in your life?

Thinking about breaking up with your partner?

No place for panic! These 5 quite easy but extremely important tips will definitely help you to overcome family issues and bring warmth and romantic feelings to your life.

Find out how to make any girls happy (Ukrainian women aren’t an exception) and make them love you like crazy!

5 romantic ides for every day:

      1)Watch romantic movie with your girlfriend in a cinema. Not only will it revive those far and at the same time so close memories of you being a teenager and watching romantic movies sitting in the last row with your girlfriend, but also brings something new to your everyday routine.

      2)Send flowers to her work. Simple and at the same time very romantic. Ukrainian women are very romantic ladies. They like flowers a lot, and this is a fact. Imagine, how your girlfriend will be surprised when in the middle of the nervous working day, she is brought a bouquet of fresh and flavored flowers.

      3)Cook her favorite dish for her. As it’s known, there is a tacit rule, in every family – a woman is the one who cooks for the family. Ukrainian women do like and can cook. It’s a fact! However, why not to make a small surprise to your girlfriend? Come home a bit earlier than usual, while she is not at home yet, and cook something special for her.

You can be sure, not only will she be pleasantly surprised but also it will reinforce her love and respect to you.

FIND OUT MORE, how to BUILD a ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP, AT: Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA).

      4)Handmade gift. It doesn’t matter what exactly you want to make. It can be a carved wooden casket, a picture you’ve drawn yourself, origami or even woolen socks…Anything! The most important is that it should be made by you and gifted to your partner right from the heart.

   5)Romantic tour. Best of all if it will be a surprise to your girlfriend. It can be birthday or an anniversary gift. The best if the tour to be somewhere to a romantic country, such as France or Italy.

You can be sure, the time you are going to spend together with your girlfriend on a tour will leave solely positive and romantic memories. Ukrainian women are known to be very active and inquisitive. Travelling is one of their biggest hobbies.

Do you want to reinforce your relationship and make it more romantic? Travelling together is what you need!

Want to know more information how to become attractive to any ladies? Click here!

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How To Choose The Best Gift For A Girlfriend

Are you in relationship with one of Russian girls? Is her birthday, dating anniversary or another important date coming up?

Want to surprise your girlfriend but don’t know how?

Want your gift to be unforgettable and unique?

Find out how to choose a gift your girlfriend will be absolutely delighted with!

Your personal guide to choosing a unique gift to your beloved person:

1)Going to the beauty salon. Any lady (Russian girls aren’t an exception) won’t deny to dedicate the whole day to themselves. What can be better than a relaxing massage, solarium or SPA procedures?

This gift will undoubtedly make your lady feel special, feel loved and cared about. Are you still in doubt what gift to choose? Present to your girlfriend a beauty salon certificate- this is one of the best options!

   2)A romantic dinner in a restaurant. Attention! The most important is to choose a proper place. For such a case like your beloved person’s birthday, or an anniversary, the most appropriate place would be somehow remote and quiet one.

An ideal option would be a roof restaurant or a sky-high restaurant! Breathtaking view and romantic atmosphere is guaranteed!

Solely THE BEST Russian girls are waiting for you at Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA)!

Apart from that, why not to indulge yourself with some exotic, unusual dishes, something you’ve never eaten before? You can be sure, this day will leave unforgettable memories in your girlfriend’s soul!

      3)Horse ride. Russian girls are known to be fond of sports and fitness. No matter how cold it’s outside, no matter if it rains or not, every single morning they go out either jogging or doing some exercises.

Horse riding isn’t only an active, and exciting rest, what definitely is so loved by Russian girls, but also a unique opportunity to enjoy the feeling of speed and freedom, a unique opportunity to enjoy the view not from the window of your car, but sitting on a wonderful and beautiful animal.

Vivid and the most important unforgettable emotions are guaranteed!

Find out lots of unique ways how to attract any girls!

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How To Create An Ideal Relationship. Expert Advice

Are you tired of loneliness?

Work-home, home-work, that’s a life you live?

Want to find love but don’t know how?

THERE IS A DECISION! RIGH NOW, find out how to build a robust and romantic relationship and live a happy and long life!

Undoubtedly, these 3 easy, yet extremely important tips will help you to overcome any possible difficulties and problems in such a difficult and complicated thing as creating an ideal relationship with Ukrainian women.

3 tips on how to create an ideal relationship with Ukrainian women:

1)Find out if you are compatible. Definitely, strong, romantic relationship should be based on mutual understanding and respect. Before you create a relationship, it’s better to ask yourself such an easy, but arch important question, as: “Are we compatible with each other”.

Quite often an infatuation, somehow blinds us, when we are being in blissful ignorance, we forget about such easy and trivial questions like, how are we going to live together every day, how are we going to cope with everyday family problems and difficulties, quarrels, children, etc.

Love is much deeper and strong feeling than just a curiosity or a natural interest in a person of an opposite sex. You can’t force yourself to love, that is why the first adviser of creating relationship should be your heart.

ABSOLUTELY FREE! Get an answer to all of your questions concerning love and relationship AT Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA).

2)Respect your partner and love them for who they are. This is one of the most important dimensions of strong relationship. Solely as long as you are ready to love and accept your partner the way they are, you can expect your relationship with women (Ukrainian women aren’t an exception) to be romantic, strong and prosperous.

Learn to listen to your partner, to believe her. It’s impossible to find a person who 100% lives up with your list of criterion for an “ideal partner”. You need to accept and love your partner the way they are.

3)Don’t be pushy in relationship. Relationship is a very complex world with its rules and regulations. If your goal is a long, romantic and strong relationship with one of Ukrainian women (other women aren’t an exception), you’d better abide by these rules and regulations.

One of these rules is not to be too pushy, too clingy…In spite of you being a couple, your partner has their own circle of acquaintances, friends, their own interests and hobbies, etc.

If your partner wants to spend this evening in their friends’ company, don’t  tag along. There is nothing bad about it. You also can go to a bar or go to a billiard club with your buddies whenever you want to.


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3 Unique Ways To Attract Women

Are you lonely?

Want love and women’s attention?

Are you tired of futile attempts to find your love?

Don’t worry! You are on the threshold of a new, happy and romantic life!

Find out 3 unique ways to attract Russian brides or any other girls and FORGET ABOUT LONELINESS FOREVER!

      1)A unique gift. If you like a girl and every day you literally bum into her on the very same spot outside, it can be a big plus for you. Supposedly she has her favorite place in a park where she often spends time simply sitting on a bench, enjoying the weather, reading a book, etc.

Before you meet her there, buy a bunch of flowers, a couple of balloons, a little gift (can be a souvenir or something like that).

Being armed with such kind of “weapon” you’ll win a heart of any Russian brides without any problems. These girls are very romantic and sentimental. You can be sure your attention and effort won’t be useless.

      2)Ask for advice. Firstly you need to take a book or a magazine when going on the prowl for a woman. Russian brides well-known to be well-educated and inquisitive. Reading is one of their biggest hobbies.

So, this way of wooing a girl is very easy: Take a seat right next to one of Russian brides, pretending to be reading (or actually reading), when a right moment occurs, just randomly ask her about the book you are reading, if she’s ever read it, what she likes the most about it, her most favorite character, etc.

You can be sure you are going to have an interesting and thrilling conversation that will undoubtedly lead to friendship and consequently probably to relationship.

Find out how to win any women’s heart at Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA).

      3)Be yourself. A simple, yet extremely important advice for those who wants to get acquaintance with one of Russian brides. When approaching a woman, boasting, not to mention, lying, about your fame, wealth and power, will never help you.

Even if you are wealthy, famous and powerful indeed, don’t boast about it. Let it remain a secret ‘till a proper time comes. Russian brides like unpretentious, not cocky guys.


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How To Create Good Relationship With Russian Women

Everyone wants to have a good, harmonious relationship.

Relationship, that fills a man and woman with love, strength and confidence.

A question occurs? How to build such relationship? Quite often two people can be diametrically opposed.

Actually, everything is possible if to know that strong and healthy relationship is based on basic principles:

1)Mutual understanding. The first and must be the most important dimensions of strong, long and happy family relationship with Russian women.

Solely on the base of mutual understanding and accepting and loving each other for who you are, honest, long and the most important strong family relationship can be built.

What can be better than happy and positive relationship with Russian women? THE MOST BEAUTIFUL and CHARMING ones are waiting for you at: Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA).

2)Positive communication. What is a positive communication? What differs a usual communication from positive one? Are there any differences?  An answer is quite easy.

Russian women (others aren’t an exception), need to have such a person, who they can confide in, who they can tell any secrets to. A person, who will always hear and understand them. Positive communication suggests sincere interest in a person you are talking to, empathy and desire to help them.

You can be sure 30-40 minutes of such communication will help you to find out your partner much better and reinforce your relationship with them.

3)Attention and care.  No less important dimension of happy relationship, than aforementioned ones. Russian women are very romantic and somehow sentimental. They do need to feel care and attention from their beloved person.

If you want your relationship to thrive and be filled only with happiness and positive emotions, just be a bit more attentive and caring for your partner.

Unexpected surprises, flowers, small gifts and sweets. These are the things that will definitely help you to intersperse your grey routine and make your relationship with Russian women more romantic and positive.


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