Three Souvenirs you should bring from Ukraine

Travelling to another country is a fascinating experience. The best way to keep a memory of it is to get traditional souvenirs. They will remind you of that journey and bring up once faded feelings. If you ever happen to be in Ukraine on a business or regular visit, you should drop by one of the souvenir shops and purchase a Ukrainian traditional item.

This is a memory forever. So, what should you bring from Ukraine?
Ukrainian ornaments and souvenirs

You will be struck by the variety of Ukrainian souvenirs: badges, pictures, magnets, broidery, caricatures, statues, cups and plates with Ukrainian ornaments, posters, jewelry, traditional clothes, ribbons and ceramics. They all look attractive and a foreign guest often feels lost when time comes to make a choice. Don’t worry, dear friend. Check the list of three souvenir items which are purely Ukrainian and have no analogues in the world.

1. Be fashionable in Ukrainian embroidered shirt “Vyshyvanka”

Ukrainian Vyshivanka shirt is very beautiful

In the past “vyshyvanka” carried a very deep religious meaning and protected its owner from the evil. That’s why the shirts were trimmed with various ornaments on the sleeves, collar or anywhere where the body was uncovered. Now it is a symbol of Ukrainian rebirth and cultural values. You can see modern Ukrainians wear it on the streets. Many put it on special occasions and big holidays.

Every region of Ukraine has its own peculiar “vyshyvanka” which differ from others by ornament and color gamma. The pattern is characterized by simple geometrical figures (rooted in the ancient Ukrainian mythology) and nature motives. In western Ukraine traditional shirts bear many colors while in some eastern lands they are limited in terms of color. Black and red are the most widely used colors in Ukrainian “vyshyvanka”. Black symbolizes earth, fertility and wealth. And red stands for merriment, love and longevity.

Shirts were embroidered only with Ukrainian women’s hands, thus it possessed a strong emotional charge and symbolized love, loyalty and good. In Kyiv Russ every woman knew many techniques of sawing. It was against principles to buy or sell an ornamented shirt, therefore even the richest Ukrainian women had to make shirts for the family herself.

2. Magic of Ukrainian painted Wooden Spoon

Ukrainian wooden spoons

A wooden spoon is one of the most recognizable traditional items of Ukraine. You won’t believe it but a wooden spoon, unlike a metal cutlery, gives the food gentle exquisite taste and scent. You can never get burnt eating from a wooden spoon.

Back in centuries wooden spoons were of many forms and sizes. They were deep and almost flat, oval and round, dull and sharp. The most widespread were white spoons meaning not painted. The most expensive ones had a carved handle made from fruit trees. Spoons that were carved and had paintings were used only on big holidays. Such spoons are now available as a souvenir.

This souvenir can still be exploited unlike many others. Instead of keeping it on the shelf, you can use it while dining. It is not only beautiful but quite useful for health. A wooden spoon is ecologically clean. No wonder that Ukrainians had ate with wooden spoons and stayed healthy till the very old age.

3.  What do you know about  Ukrainian painted egg “Pysanka”?

Ukrainian painted egg - pysanka

“Pysanka” is an egg painted with wax and paints. It is a symbol of Eater Holiday in Ukraine. In the past “pysankys” were present at all important occasions, such as weddings, childbirth or housewarming celebrations. It was given to those who set for a long journey as an amulet and also symbolized the beginning of a new life. It is interesting to know, Ukrainians see an egg as a symbol of life, universe and God’s creation.

Ukrainian women used only natural colorings withdrawn from nature: leaves, herbs, roots and flowers. The techniques of painting were passed down the generations. A young girl would learn them from her grandmother and would not dare to change it in her lifetime. The patterns usually had a sacred meaning. The symbolism of colors is also of a great importance. The choice of the color often depended on the occasion and a receiver of the gift.

If you are planning a visit to Ukraine, or have any questions about coming here, please visit our contacts page, we will be glad to help you!

Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA Marriage) Team

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[Ukrainian Food] Three Kings of Ukrainian Table

Want to know what Ukrainians eat? :)

Ukrainian cuisine has made a long way from the simplest dishes to the receipts with complicated ingredients and unique means of cooking. It is poetic and diverse. It can be heavy and light, luxurious and simple. Ukrainian food traditions slightly vary in different regions of the country, but in overall it is characterized by unity.

Ukrainian women are fond of cooking their national dishes. They will gladly welcome guests with steaming meal. Be ready that Russian brides won’t let you get out of the table unless your plate is empty. :)

The menu of a traditional Ukrainian meal course normally includes such products as meat, vegetables, grain and bean products.

1. The king of Ukrainian food: “Borsch” soup.

If you date one of Ukrainian women, be sure that you will taste the most widespread Ukrainian dish – borsch. Russian brides learn how to cook it from their grandmothers. Ukrainian borsch is made from the broth. Red beat and tomato juice is the key ingredient here, it gives the dish a specific red color.

Ukrainian borsch contains the meat. It is served with doughnuts covered with the garlic sauce (mashed garlic with oil) and chopped greenery (parsley or dill). Ideally doughnuts are cooked by the hosts. In the plate of borsch they put a spoon of sour cream. It gives a gentle taste for the dish. When you are in Ukraine, it’s a must to try borsch here!

2. Unusual, but very tasty dish: “Varenyky”.

Ukrainian women are also experts in making “varenyky”. No doubt that this dish became an object of Ukrainian poems and songs. They are so yaammy! Varenyky take a central part in every family cooking book. You will be astonished by the variety of the filling. Varenyky are made with mashed potato, cabbage, meat or liver. They are served with “shkvarki” (fried fat with onions). There are also varenyky with a sweet filling: cherries, strawberries or cottage cheese. Russian brides serve them hot with sour cream. You definitely need to try varenyky with cherries here!

3. Super delisious main dish: “Meat in the pot”.

It is also a very popular and old dish in Ukraine. Women here know how to make this meat extremely soft and melty. In the past years, meat for this dish was cooked in the oven. The meat is fried on the frying-pan with onion, carrots and peeled potatoes. It all goes to the pot and is flavored with peens, spices, aromatic roots and greenery. Then it all goes to the oven. Sometimes Ukrainians do experiments and add vegetables, mushrooms or fish to the standard version.

Ukrainian meal traditions are much wider. There is a great number of dishes labeled as“Ukrainian”. But if you happen to be in Ukraine you should definitely try these three. They are the soul and the spirit of Ukrainian nation.

Read more about Kharkov city and Kiev city where you can try all these dishes and of course, meet the beautiful Russian brides!

Dive into a cultural cruise! Stay with us for more! Смачного [smachnogo] – enjoy your meal!

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Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) in numbers

ufma in numbers

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Meet three more beautiful Ukraine girls in Kiev >>

Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) offers its users to meet three new Ukraine girls from Kyiv.

They are evenly gorgeous and hope to find a good man for a strong companionship. Anna #373, Natalia #374 and Victoria #378 are looking for heart-warming relationship that will bring both sides joy and everlasting happiness. They are as beautiful and lovely as many other women on this site and are worthy your attention. Their hearts are open and these Russian brides show only friendly attitude to foreign men. Who knows, one of the ladies may be a perfect match for you. She may be the one you have been trying to find for so long. And even if it is not so, communication with Her will certainly bring you new emotions and pleasant after-feelings. They are all well-rounded and have much to share with you. What can be more fulfilling than spending a bit of free time with these undeniably charming women?

Beautiful Russian Brides: Anna #373

ukraine girls at ufma annaGet to know friendly Anna #373! She is a chef cook in an Italian restaurant and can easily impress anyone with her cooking skills. Very balanced and calm in nature, Anna could offer a great companionship, share her life experience and make a conversation quite interesting. As a true woman, she has aesthetic preferences in gardening and floristics.

Anna possesses a romantic character and adores journeys to mountains and seas. Her musical interest is centered in jazz compositions.

All that this woman needs is a loving and caring husband, as well as a strong family. Visit Anna’s profile here

Serious Ukraine Girls: Natalia #374

natalia is a beautiful russian brides in ukraineNatalia #374 is a perfect representative of Ukraine girls who have gained a reputation of being highly trustworthy, well-groomed and intelligent. The motto of Natalia is “Always be positive and never give up!” She is well-balanced, well-coordinated and strives for perfection in everything. This Ukrainian woman is a sociable person and likes spending time with friends. She likes meeting new people and makes an impression of a positive and easy-going person. Establishing close interpersonal relationship with others is one of her priorities. Natalia has a modern taste and likes listening to pop music and techno. This lady, as many other Russian brides, prefers spending her holidays and days out in the open air, somewhere in the park or even in the forest. She has many other interests. All of this is just a tip of an iceberg. Visit her profile and talk to Natalia here

Marriage minded Ukraine girls: Victoria #378

ukraine brides from kiev cityAnother new profile among all the rest Ukraine girls, that you can meet on the website of UFMA, is a form of Victoria #378. She believes that whatever happens in her life is only for the better. She is young but quite mature in her mind. Victoria is devoted to her job and makes a lot of efforts to perform it with a high quality. Accurate, attentive and punctual, she knows how to arrange things efficiently. That quality could become very important for house holding. This young and lovely Ukrainian bride prefers spending her leisure time outside visiting cafes, theatres, cinemas. She can also take a small book to read in the local park and forget about her routine working days. This girl is a real treasure for a marriage, as she likes cooking Ukrainian dishes and keeping her living place in a great order. Talk to Victoria here

The administration of the UFMA is deeply concerned about the quality of communication among its guests and posts the profiles of only those Russian brides who seek deep and true relationship.

Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency has only the best russian brides in the gallery. We are always at your service!

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Meet 3 New Ladies from Kiev City!

Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency (UFMA) offers its respected users the opportunity to meet new Ukrainian girls. Do you know what they are doing on this site?

They are seeking a long-term relationship with a family-oriented, genuine and loving foreign gentleman. They mesmerize with their womanly beauty and unquestionably have a lot to offer. If you are single and looking for a charming beautiful girl, check their profiles. One of them may be the one you are so eager to get. All three Russian brides are intelligent, positive in nature and have many interests in life. Don’t miss out on your chance and simply talk to Her!

These three ladies have made one step forward to their happiness and are now waiting for a close companionship. The fact that Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful and friendly in the world is undeniable. Studying the profiles, it is impossible to pass these natural and well-groomed women. Don’t hesitate: take your chance and contact Ukrainian women.

Elena #379 is a cheerful Russian bride, full of positive intention and self-motivated.

She currently works in the bank as a training manager. She has a wide range of interests and tires to keep her skills up-to-date. Photography and drawing refer to her art interests, she likes unique images and creates pictures which opens up something hidden from a straight view. If you become friends with her, she will definitely fascinate you with her deep sensitive perception. You can always share your music taste with her because she can listen to all sorts of music switching mildly from one mood to another. This elegant woman may spend her cozy evenings watching dramas and fantasies. She is not shallow and quite open to new ideas. Always striving for more, she wants to be with a man who is passionate about life and who keeps on going foreword. See full profile of Elena #379 here.

Gentle and charming Alexandra #380 is a very family-oriented Ukrainian girl.

She’s one of the most tender Russian brides! It seems to be natural for her to create a calm comfort at home.

She can impress you with a striking talent of a cook. Isn’t it a dream of a man to have a nicely-cooked dinner with his beloved woman?

Alexandra’s main priorities lie in family and friends.

She cares greatly for the others. But she wouldn’t mind abandon her comfort and venture on a journey.

See full profile of Alexandra #380 here.

Sunny Natasha # 381 favors everything which happens in her life.

She thinks that today is the best day. Such positive attitude to life can bring reassurance and lift your spirit. This Ukrainian lady enjoys visiting galleries and art exhibitions in her free time. She would become a great companion to you if you want to take any self-developing courses. Being completely devoured in the vast world of music, Natasha confesses that music makes her life. What can be more delightful than to have a stroll with a young warm-hearted woman, wearing the same set of earphones and listening to lyrical compositions. This girl has somewhat unusual taste in film-making industry. She likes watching horror movies and occasionally dives into a twisted world of philosophy. See full profile of Natasha #381 here

Meet the best Ukrainian girls at UFMA! 200+ checked Russian brides in our Gallery!


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3 main qualities that make Ukrainian women perfect wives

1. Ukrainian women and their natural charm

ukrainian women are very charming
Ukrainian women are undoubtedly considered to be the most beautiful women in the world. It is hidden in their genes to be exceptionally attractive and to mesmerize everyone with their inner force of womanhood.

Being a woman (in all senses of this word) is a number 1 goal for Ukrainian women. Exposing an irresistible charm, purity and elegance is their life-term mission. An inborn talent to stay well-groomed is not something that is bestowed for no prize. Ukrainian girls always care how they look and keep a strict eye on their outfit.

If you ever happen to visit Ukraine, you will be amazed at the glory and mysticism of a Ukrainian woman. Each of them can be compared to a unique flower with its own fragrance and colour. Ukrainian women like to be neatly and finely dressed. They do not forget about one of the most womanlike garment: the high-heeled shoes. They wear them to work as well as on unofficial occasions.

Their hair is long and it is normally tidy. To keep their body in a good shape and stay healthy Ukrainian women tend to pay a keen attention to the quality of the food. Most of them are aware of a number of healthy nutritious rules and stick to them in everyday life. They feel very much comfortable in their role of a woman and render it as a privilege. It is rooted in Ukrainian culture to be always beautiful and possess an impressive outlook.

2. Warming and friendly Ukrainian character

ukrainian women are friendliest
Ukrainian character is also an inevitable strength and weapon. Women of Ukraine are normally kind-hearted, genuine, generous and polite. They have a positive way of thinking and are deprived of a feeling of cynicism. Their purity and frankness is striking.

Ukrainian women are raised in hospitable and loving families. It explains why they are mostly stable and happy. From the very early age they are taught to help parents and take care of the nearest. Despite a fragile image, Ukrainians know how to be strong in the hardships of life.

They are also quite down-to-earth and obtain a good sense of reality. Hectic and unreasonable behavior is surely not about them. In most situations Ukrainians stay friendly and well-wishing because an inner world plays a more important role. They care greatly about other person’s thoughts and feelings and are always ready to show an acute sympathy. Ukrainian women are smart, civilized and tactful. Most of them have high education and can participate in meaningful discussions.

3. Ukrainian woman is a guardian of her family

family is very important for ukrainian women
It is hidden in the basic instincts of a Ukrainian woman to be a caring and loving wife and mother. She would always put interests and needs of her beloved people on the first place, ignoring her own ambitions and expectations.

Ukrainian women care greatly about the atmosphere in their family and put a lot of efforts to establish harmonious and loving relationship among all members. The kitchen is always filled with a pleasing scent of freshly cooked food and the house conveys a soothing comfort.

Capable of self-sacrifice, a Ukrainian woman can never let her man down in the time of need. She will be there to offer a condolence, moral assistance and share the burden. A man can always find piece beside such a woman and ease off his burden.

See the Gallery of beautiful Ukrainian women and choose your match

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People at UFMA team

Meet the people of UFMA team – these are the boys and girls who help you find a good lady in Ukraine.

Tanya – Kiev office manager:

Natasha – Kharkov office translator:

Eugen – Kharkov office translator:

See all UFMA team here


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Come to the big online chat today

See all Online ladies here >>>

big online chat on the 16th of june

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Be online to meet lots of beautiful ladies.

ufma agency 10 years work

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Kiev city and Kiev women are inviting you

Do you know that we have opened an office in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine?

We are actively adding up serious ladies who want to build relationships with men from abroad.

Mostly they are friends and acquaintances of us, so we are sure that they are serious and genuine.

Several ladies have already been added to Kiev Gallery of Ukrainian women and you can see them.

ufma is in kiev office

What is Kiev and why you really MUST come and see it?

- It’s a big city with 3 million people and all kinds of stuff to do and to see;
- The prices in Ukraine are super low because of economics and now it’s the cheapest country in Europe to spend a vacation at;
- Kiev is the city with 2000 years of history;
- It is a developed city with wonderful parks, restaurants and all touristic facilities;
- It’s easy to get to Kiev by plane from any place of the world; it has a modern airport and flights from everywhere.

So Kiev is probably the best place for a comfortable and inexpensive rest. Prices in restaurants and cafes are very low. For 5-7 dollars or Euros you can get a good lunch in any cafe in the center of the city. The hotels start from 30-40 dollars per night in the center.

And as said above, for the history lovers, Kiev is just a perfect place because there’s 2000 years history here from the times of Kiev Rus to the Stalin’s architecture of the strongest times of the USSR. And it’s amazing to walk along Kreschatyk, the main street of Kiev, and just look at those buildings, and then go up to the old city and see all the cathedrals, old churches which are hundreds years old and all the museums with the history same old as the Roman Empire. You will definitely be impressed by this city.


What UFMA can do for you in Kiev

- We will meet you at the airport with a driver;
- We will accommodate you in the comfortable apartment in the city center;
- You will have a Kiev city tour with an English speaking guide/ translator, who will help you with any questions, as they work for UFMA;
- And of course, you will have the meetings with serious and beautiful Ukrainian girls from Kiev.

We have more than 10 years of experience in working with men from all around the world here in Ukraine. You will definitely like your experience.

Use a great offer for Tours and Intros for the summer of 2016. And come to our Kiev marriage agency UFMA this summer.

Have any questions? Want to inquire about a tour? Please write to me here: and I’ll answer all your questions.

Do it! The summer has already started!

Sergey Sokolov

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