3 main qualities that make Ukrainian women perfect wives

1. Ukrainian women and their natural charm

ukrainian women are very charming
Ukrainian women are undoubtedly considered to be the most beautiful women in the world. It is hidden in their genes to be exceptionally attractive and to mesmerize everyone with their inner force of womanhood.

Being a woman (in all senses of this word) is a number 1 goal for Ukrainian women. Exposing an irresistible charm, purity and elegance is their life-term mission. An inborn talent to stay well-groomed is not something that is bestowed for no prize. Ukrainian girls always care how they look and keep a strict eye on their outfit.

If you ever happen to visit Ukraine, you will be amazed at the glory and mysticism of a Ukrainian woman. Each of them can be compared to a unique flower with its own fragrance and colour. Ukrainian women like to be neatly and finely dressed. They do not forget about one of the most womanlike garment: the high-heeled shoes. They wear them to work as well as on unofficial occasions.

Their hair is long and it is normally tidy. To keep their body in a good shape and stay healthy Ukrainian women tend to pay a keen attention to the quality of the food. Most of them are aware of a number of healthy nutritious rules and stick to them in everyday life. They feel very much comfortable in their role of a woman and render it as a privilege. It is rooted in Ukrainian culture to be always beautiful and possess an impressive outlook.

2. Warming and friendly Ukrainian character

ukrainian women are friendliest
Ukrainian character is also an inevitable strength and weapon. Women of Ukraine are normally kind-hearted, genuine, generous and polite. They have a positive way of thinking and are deprived of a feeling of cynicism. Their purity and frankness is striking.

Ukrainian women are raised in hospitable and loving families. It explains why they are mostly stable and happy. From the very early age they are taught to help parents and take care of the nearest. Despite a fragile image, Ukrainians know how to be strong in the hardships of life.

They are also quite down-to-earth and obtain a good sense of reality. Hectic and unreasonable behavior is surely not about them. In most situations Ukrainians stay friendly and well-wishing because an inner world plays a more important role. They care greatly about other person’s thoughts and feelings and are always ready to show an acute sympathy. Ukrainian women are smart, civilized and tactful. Most of them have high education and can participate in meaningful discussions.

3. Ukrainian woman is a guardian of her family

family is very important for ukrainian women
It is hidden in the basic instincts of a Ukrainian woman to be a caring and loving wife and mother. She would always put interests and needs of her beloved people on the first place, ignoring her own ambitions and expectations.

Ukrainian women care greatly about the atmosphere in their family and put a lot of efforts to establish harmonious and loving relationship among all members. The kitchen is always filled with a pleasing scent of freshly cooked food and the house conveys a soothing comfort.

Capable of self-sacrifice, a Ukrainian woman can never let her man down in the time of need. She will be there to offer a condolence, moral assistance and share the burden. A man can always find piece beside such a woman and ease off his burden.

See the Gallery of beautiful Ukrainian women and choose your match

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People at UFMA team

Meet the people of UFMA team – these are the boys and girls who help you find a good lady in Ukraine.

Tanya – Kiev office manager:

Natasha – Kharkov office translator:

Eugen – Kharkov office translator:

See all UFMA team here


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Come to the big online chat today

See all Online ladies here >>>

big online chat on the 16th of june

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Be online to meet lots of beautiful ladies.

ufma agency 10 years work

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Kiev city and Kiev women are inviting you

Do you know that we have opened an office in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine?

We are actively adding up serious ladies who want to build relationships with men from abroad.

Mostly they are friends and acquaintances of us, so we are sure that they are serious and genuine.

Several ladies have already been added to Kiev Gallery of Ukrainian women and you can see them.

ufma is in kiev office

What is Kiev and why you really MUST come and see it?

- It’s a big city with 3 million people and all kinds of stuff to do and to see;
- The prices in Ukraine are super low because of economics and now it’s the cheapest country in Europe to spend a vacation at;
- Kiev is the city with 2000 years of history;
- It is a developed city with wonderful parks, restaurants and all touristic facilities;
- It’s easy to get to Kiev by plane from any place of the world; it has a modern airport and flights from everywhere.

So Kiev is probably the best place for a comfortable and inexpensive rest. Prices in restaurants and cafes are very low. For 5-7 dollars or Euros you can get a good lunch in any cafe in the center of the city. The hotels start from 30-40 dollars per night in the center.

And as said above, for the history lovers, Kiev is just a perfect place because there’s 2000 years history here from the times of Kiev Rus to the Stalin’s architecture of the strongest times of the USSR. And it’s amazing to walk along Kreschatyk, the main street of Kiev, and just look at those buildings, and then go up to the old city and see all the cathedrals, old churches which are hundreds years old and all the museums with the history same old as the Roman Empire. You will definitely be impressed by this city.


What UFMA can do for you in Kiev

- We will meet you at the airport with a driver;
- We will accommodate you in the comfortable apartment in the city center;
- You will have a Kiev city tour with an English speaking guide/ translator, who will help you with any questions, as they work for UFMA;
- And of course, you will have the meetings with serious and beautiful Ukrainian girls from Kiev.

We have more than 10 years of experience in working with men from all around the world here in Ukraine. You will definitely like your experience.

Use a great offer for Tours and Intros for the summer of 2016. And come to our Kiev marriage agency UFMA this summer.

Have any questions? Want to inquire about a tour? Please write to me here: support@ukrainianfiancee.com and I’ll answer all your questions.

Do it! The summer has already started!

Sergey Sokolov

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Want to know why the most beautiful and sexy ladies come to meet men at Ukrainian Fiancee (UFMA Kharkov) agency?


I’ll tell you the secret why women come to Ukrainian Fiancee agency so often. And these are the best ladies you can EVER find!

Ukrainian Fiancee has the best ladies for dating

So why are they coming?? There are so many beautiful women in Ukraine and there are so many who are free?

Why so beautiful ladies are looking for someone?

How come they are not hunted down yet???

Are the Ukrainian men blind or what happens?

There are several reasons for that – there are economical, demographic and other factors.

And here they go…

(yes, these long legs just never end) :)


Why are the best ladies coming to UFMA Kharkov?

at UFMA Kharkov you can date best women

In Ukraine there are a lot of women, there’s more women than men here. About 10% more of them.

Many women just can’t find a decent partner here. And very often these are very beautiful ladies. Ukrainian ladies take care of themselves, they are beautiful and sporty, they have good clothes.

They do sports and look very fit. And one of them can be yours!


Do you want a woman like this? And this is one out of many here at UFMA agency!
Agency called Ukrainian Fiancee is just the best

Why are educated and smart women with good jobs coming to Ukrainian Fiancee?

educated ukrainian women come to UFMA Kharkov

In Kharkov there’s lots of Universities and colleges and many women from all of the Ukraine come here to study. Many stay here to live and work further.

And in most cases those are the ladies with higher education, smart and stylish. Kharkov is the city of universities and students, therefore most of people here are smart and educated. So your girl will be smart and intelligent and can talk with you about things. Isn’t this great? :) Many women here also speak English, they learn it at schools and colleges.

Why are beautiful and sporty women coming to UFMA Kharkov?

meet sporty girls at ukrainian fiancee in kharkov and kiev
In Ukraine it’s a tradition for women to look beautiful. They take care of themselves, they are sporty and fit – there’s lots of sports clubs here, very good food (Ukraine is an agro country).

In Kharkov most of the ladies are very fashionable, they care of their beauty.

There’s lots of fashionable shops here where they buy good clothes. And lots of sport places where everyone exercises and keeps fit.

So your woman from Ukraine will always be a pleasure for your eyes and not just eyes :)

Why are women looking for foreigners at Ukrainian Fiancee?

at ukrainian fiancee ladies are only serious
That happens because there are not enough good men here. Women here are not getting enough love and care.

In Ukraine many men don’t want love because of economical situation. And women here are wonderful and they do want love!

Come to Ukraine and meet with the beautiful ladies here! SUPER DEAL! We have 50% discount for introductions till the end of summer 2016.

Write us to get your deal: support@ukrainianfiancee.com

Sergey Sokolov
UFMA Kharkov

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Good news: Discounts for Tours and Intros (HUGE!). USA Rep. Thom’s book.

Hello to you!

Do you want some good news? The UFMA always has them. :)

Let’s start right from business here.


ufma tour packagesWe have the Tour Packages for meeting with the ladies and never had any discounts for them.

But as we have the possibility now, we have added a 5% discount for the Comfort Package till the end of summer 2016.

Also get an additional 5% discount for early booking for any package in addition.

Read here about the Comfort Pack and ask any questions


introductions to ukrainian womenTill the end of summer 2016 there will be a discount of 50% for the Introductions. You can meet with more ladies for same moneys or just save up!

Read here about the Intros and use this opportunity to meet your beautiful Ukrainian bride


When you are going to a new country, there’s always a bunch of questions and things to know – how not to get scammed, where to live, what to eat? This all must be clear and you must feel comfortable when you are traveling, right?

And there are two people here at your service to answer these questions

sergeyThere’s me – Sergey Sokolov – I work for 10 years at UFMA and can answer any questions about traveling, living, meetings etc. also can arrange everything for you. Here are my contacts

ThomAlso there’s our USA Representative – Thom Chabot – he has been to Ukraine many times, has traveled a lot, met the ladies and can answer many questions about living here and meeting Ukrainian women, from the point of view of a foreigner. Here’s Thom’s page with his contacts, he will be glad to help you.


thoms bookA little spoiler here – soon on our website there will be published Thom’s book for the guys, who want to come to Ukraine and meet the Ukrainian brides. There will be covered many mistakes, useful tips and ways to save time and money on the way to finding your Ukrainian soulmate.

The book will be absolutely free for the members of Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency. If you are yet not a member – please sign up here and you’ll download it for free.

Click “LIKE” below and share this page! Thank you!

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Do not miss a beautiful Ukrainian woman here – Julia #362

If you are waiting for a sweet bride from Ukraine and have registered on our dating resource so that to find her and make acquaintance with, you must be sure that you are on the right track. We are always looking for new faces due to your great desire to make a choice from a wide range of beautiful Ukrainian girls.
this ukrainian woman julia is waiting for your letters

So, please feel free to meet tender and caring Julia #362, who has come here so that to find a life-partner to share her life with or start serious relations with a kind, reliable, attentive, honest man with a good sense of humor.

- Here’s a link to Julia’s full profile and photos

You should know that Julia has asked us for dating services hoping to find a foreign man. Julia has failed with the desire to build strong and serious relations with men from native country due to the instability and disability to give live to a beloved woman from the side of Ukrainian men. Julia is a family-oriented person and strongly interested in serious relations, so it is just impossible for her to be with a man who has no idea about their joint future.
One of the best Ukrainian women - beautiful and attentive

She is a 30 years old charming lady and looking for a kind, intelligent, attentive and confident man. Julia was born in a small town near Kharkiv and after graduation of High School moved here so that to start education in one of the best technical Ukrainian universities. She is a very determined and hard-working person, so it was not difficult for her to get a Bachelor’s degree in engineering. We should say that Julia loves beauty and finds it is a pleasant thing to be a master of manicure helping Ukrainian women to look attractive and cared.

Julia is a very attractive person with long, straight blond hair, deep gray eyes and well-shaped body, believe us that it is just impossible to miss such a woman from sight. She believes in God, follows the moral values and tries to treat people in the way she wants to be treated herself. Julia is a very communicative and optimistic person; this girl is always trying to see something good in people due to the soft, friendly and kind character.
Beautiful Julia 362 - always meet beautiful Ukrainian women at UFMA

That this charming lady is ready to prepare for you a tasty dinner, because it is a really interesting and easy process for her, especially if you also have preference to Italian food. Julia always tries to find a moment on sunny weekends so that to gather a meeting of her family and cook something delicious for them paying a lot of attention to meat.

Julia is waiting for communication with you if you are a serious man and ready for long-term relations. Just send her a message so that to start conversation. We wish you good luck!

Here’s Julia’s profile where you can contact her:

Click “LIKE” below if you like this lady and want to see more Ukrainian women at UFMA! :)

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= New Ukrainian girl coming soon – Irina 363 =

If you are looking for new faces on our dating resource and pursuing a goal to find a wife or girlfriend among Ukrainian girls, please, meet sincere and determined Irina #363.

Irina is one of the new Ukrainian girls we have at UFMA this April

Irina has asked us for dating services in hope to find a foreign bridegroom. She tried to start relations with Ukrainian men, and has got a strong disappointment with them due to their disability to accept the living together or propose good conditions for a life-partner. Irina is strongly interested in long-term relations and it was not acceptable for her just to live for a while with men without any hope for the stable future.

She is 33 years old charming lady and looking for a kind, tolerant, athletic, good-looking, well-of and confident man with good sense of humor. Irina lives and works in Kharkiv that is considered to be one of the most convenient cities for a living and starting up relationships with a man. Now she wants to be confident in her life-partner and searching for a reliable and trustworthy one.

Irina is very smart and determined Ukrainian girl

it was not a great task for her to study at the university and get the master’s degree in economics. We should point out that this advantage gave her ability to get a well-paid job and start her career as a sales manager. So she is quite independent and it is not difficult for her to care about herself without any help from the relatives’ side. However, Irina does not dream about career promotion. She wants to have a family with a loving and honest man and to take care about him.

Find Irina’s profile very soon at Ukrainian Fiancee website in the “New Ladies” area: http://www.ukrainianfiancee.com/new/

Believe us, that this lady is ready to serve you with tasty Ukrainian and Italian dishes due to the great love to cooking. She adores preparing delicious dishes for her relatives and friends, this woman is always able to organize a sweet meeting for your colleagues or friends and impress them with high standards of the organization.

Also it is not possible to miss the fact, that Irina is very beautiful young Ukrainian girl. Her amazing big and green eyes are magnetic, blond and gorgeous hair impresses with shining, well-shaped athletic body can not leave anyone indifferent to her unforgettable appearance. Irina is very interested to save her beauty for a long time and work hard so that to do this. She takes exercises in fitness club, attends swimming-pool and runs every morning. These secrets help her to look attractive and healthy.

Should you were interested in such amazing, caring and serious Ukrainian girls, please, feel free to use services of our agency and register on our resource.

Here you will be able to look at photos of our charming Irina #363 and send her a message so that to start communication with her. Be honest and sincere and you will find a way to the heart of this loving, attentive, reliable and family-oriented woman!

UFMA will help you be happy in your personal life!

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Important Rule Update from 04 April 2016: About the contacts exchange in correspondence


New rule update from 04 April 2016:

“You can exchange the contact information with a lady only at the personal meeting or the Skype conference via UFMA.”

We have this new rule because very many men create profiles and send out mass letters only to get the private info of the ladies and get them talking out of the agency, as they know that women are checked and screened here.

We here invest LOTS of time, nerves and money to find the serious ladies for you, rent photo studio, hire a photographer, make interviews and good photosessions, etc. This is not an easy work and if someone wishes to get free contacts of the ladies, they are welcome to do this on the free websites with non checked profiles, where they take any ladies from the internet.

UFMA is the place only for serious and family oriented people. And if you wish to get a good woman from Ukraine for life, please come here and we will help you like we helped many men before you.

We are 100% open with you. And hope you will also be and won’t be breaking this rule. This is better for your results as the contacts exchange itself is not what you need, but it’s a good woman for your life.


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