How to tell if a Russian cute girl likes you?

We are glad to introduce you to the new Russian cute girl Rita. She is a very interesting and young girl. She is smart beyond her years. Active and cheerful Rita has brown eyes.

Russian cute girl

Rita, like many girls dyed hair with a red color. Her natural hair color is brown, but she really wants to be bright and unique. Russian cute girl is engaged in oriental dances. She dances belly dancing in show ballet. Thanks to her hobby, Rita travels a lot. She really likes to travel. Especially nice are the suitcases.

Rita with great enthusiasm told us about her hobbies. After all, you need to prepare well and forget nothing. She was in many countries like Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Thailand, Italy, Venice, Montenegro, San Marino. Rita likes red color very much. Her wardrobe is half red. It’s very nice, because she’s so young. This bright girl was born in the middle of the summer in July. She is a Cancer by her horoscope. Cancer is a wayward nature. They are very domestic and positive.

Rita was born in a good, big family. Her parents are decent, good people. Could well raise 7 daughters. Russian cute girl Rita from childhood is accustomed to order, justice, kindness and honesty. These qualities mom instilled from her early childhood to her children.

Rita in the family is the youngest child. She lives with her parents. Russian cute girl Rita is a first-year student at the Kharkov Trade College. She decided to study hotel and restaurant business and tourism. She likes studying at the college. There she already has many friends. She is sociable, active and talented. Her warm eyes are full of life and charm. It seeks to fully experience this multi-faceted world. She likes to learn, she likes to dance, she likes to read. Most recently, she read a book that intrigued her, and it was very interesting. About this book, she will tell you herself, or read in her profile.

Russian cute girl

Rita likes to go to the movies and watch different films at home. She likes movies like A Walk to Remember, Little Secrets. Judging by the genre and stories, this Russian cute girl loves romantic films about love. And this is wonderful! In her young years you need to enjoy life and bathe in love. She is a beautiful, attractive girl who is waiting for her beloved prince, who will ride on a white horse and take her to a country called “love.” Ukraine dating sites, very interesting for dating and such girls are very good wives. Rita can do everything around the house, she also knows how to cook. She prefers Ukrainian cuisine.

This Russian cute girl Rita, very gentle and pleasant in communication. She just wails with sincerity and pure thoughts. She is like a tender, unopened lily flower. She needs a neat, loving gardener. A man who will be attentive and kind. Still Rita wants to meet an honest and decent man, she does not want to be deceived or abandoned. Her soul is too vulnerable. And if you are also a tall brunette with brown eyes, then this happiness is doubly!!! Write a letter to this cute and charming girl. She’s so beautiful and beautiful.

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