Free russian dating, meet Oksana.

      Meet a wise, purposeful and very positive girl Oksana for Free Russian dating. Her motto for life is “I see the goal, I do not see obstacles!”

free russian dating

She has an inexhaustible energy of activity. Oksana is very sociable and a good character. She has many friends, because she is always ready to share with them her joy. She is a good, benevolent person. Free Russian dating is her way to find a man. Oksana is very cheerful and smiling, most often she has a good mood. She likes to smile at this world, at people around. It is like a ray of sun, giving warmth to everyone around.

Oksana likes active rest. In the summer she likes to go on kayaks, play tennis and badminton. He also likes to ski in winter, when she and friends go to the mountains. Oksana really likes rest by the sea. When she is in the city, she likes going to a theater and cinema. Oksana loves her friends, and she likes to spend time with them. Have fun and relax in company with friends. Free russian dating helps her find a good man.

Favorite film of Oksana is “5th element” with Bruce Willis and Mila Jovovic. She loves movies about beautiful love. In this film, it is very wonderful and brightly shown that love saves the world. Excellent role played in this film, world stars, actors. Very bright and dynamic film, with a wonderful ending.

free russian dating

Oksana is a business lady with her own small business in the sphere of trade. She keeps a shop of underwear. So dear men, get acquainted and write this beautiful girl and you will always be dressed with taste. Do the free Russian dating. After all, Oksana knows everything about men’s clothes!

We already wrote that Oksana is a very active girl. So, in addition to an active day at work, Oksana runs to various sports training. She likes to play sports. She goes on fitness, stretching, kalanetics. Since childhood, she has been involved in athletics and javelin throwing. By throwing a spear she took prizes. So thanks to this sport, Oksana, once visiting the competitions in Kharkov, decided that she would live in this beautiful, big and wonderful city.

This girl was born and grew up in a full-fledged good family in a small town in the Sumy region. Parents still live there. Oksana has always wanted to have a brother or sister, but she only has cousins. She dreams of creating the same strong family as her parents, where there is love, attention, respect for each other, throughout the whole life together. Free russian dating helps creating strong families. It’s so cute and so beautiful. Oksana wants children and at least two!

This girl really loves life and travel. She likes to visit different places and countries. She visited Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Montenegro. She traveled across the country. It was practically in all its corners. Also walked some places on foot in hikes. She likes active rest, barbecue and songs by the fire. She also liked the bottom of the Red Sea very much. There are many different fish and corals in it, it’s crazy beautiful. Oksana likes beautiful fish in her house a huge aquarium.

free russian dating

One more favorite thing is, guess? Yes, right! Oksana is very fond of cooking various delicious dishes. Free russian dating will help you meet a great woman for relationships. She herself likes borsch, pelmeni and olivier.

Oksana dreams of meeting a man who also likes life. She likes purposeful and intelligent men. I would like him to share her interests. Do free Russian dating to meet such great women. He was also active, kind and decent, like herself. Write to her, maybe she is looking for you and waiting for all these years!!!

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