Where do Russian brides come from

Russian brides come from Russia, Ukraine and other post-soviet countries where they cannot find their love and happiness.

Every person was born to be happy like every bird was born to fly. Due to historical, political situation women from these countries have always fought with life difficulties alone, without any assistance from their men. These women are not accustomed to chivalry, compliments. They are taken for granted.

No matter how much they try, they are not appreciated. Men from these countries don’t want to make an effort for the women, they are sure that women are their equal in the things that concern work load, military service. At the same time they want women to look gorgeous and bright. Certainly, in such circumstances Russian brides are looking to other countries in pursuit of their happiness. As every woman wants to be loved, cared, appreciated. They long for a true man in their life who will defend her, provide for her, give her the opportunity to be real self, to enjoy life and in return he will get all the love and tenderness. She will make his family life a fairy tale and they will live ‘happily ever after’.

A real woman is a delicate creature. She is so subtle, feminine. She is meant to be a domestic goddess, not a machine for building houses or making money. Russian brides are those women who try to preserve their natural femininity and they will become good wives for any man who behave like it is meant by nature originally- a breadwinner, a warrior and a family man. Russian brides are like rare species who are in danger of losing their exquisite beauty and natural softness. As all beautiful things lose it when they are treated unkindly.

That’s where Russian brides come from: like first spring sprouts from dark earth turn with all their might to the sun.

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