UFMA (Russian ladies dating sites) are happy to present you a burning brunette Oksana.

      Oh, Oksana, her black curls do not give you a restful sleep. She is passionate and burning like a Spanish woman. Brunette with brown eyes, so bright, so unique. Let us tell you a little about her. In this article, we will only describe Oksana a little.

Like a normal description on Russian ladies dating sites. And when you meet or write to her, maybe. she will reveal to you what that of her secrets and mysterious desires.

Russian ladies dating sites

So Oksana, a curly girl and very appetizing. Having looked at her profile on our site already on the photo you will see an extraordinary spark that comes from this girl on Russian ladies dating sites. She is very active and cheerful, has a sense of humor. Very fond of joking. She is a positive person. A bit stubborn, but this is the influence of the stars. After all, according to the horoscope Oksana is a lion, and the lion, as we know, is the king. She likes to be in the spotlight.

Oksana was born on July 24, when our country is very warm and hot, because the summer is in full swing. That’s why she is such a bright and hot girl. Oksana loves bright colors in clothes. She really likes turquoise and bordeaux. And she really is very go these colors. If you look at her photos taken by our photographer for the profile, then see for yourself. Dresses prepared by Oksana for a photo shoot of these colors. They unquestionably complement the already bright woman.

Oksana is sociable and talkative. She loves people and fellowship with them. Her work is directly related to communication. She is a realtor, she sells real estate. And she came to UFMA as one of the best Russian ladies dating sites. More often it’s an apartment. It is always pleasant to bring joy to people and to carry out this transaction. After all, customers buy their apartment, and more often they are new families. Oksana likes to watch customers, how they are happy for their happiness, buying a private home. She loves her job.

Still this girl is very active. In addition to the main work, she also works as a tour agent. She likes to travel. She was in Thailand, Italy, Poland. She really liked Italy. She took a special place in her soul.

Oksana is a talented person. She sings well, plays the piano and guitar. It will be a pleasure to play either a classical sonata or a court song for a guitar. She has a beautiful voice, she sings academic vocal well. Since childhood, Oksana studied at a music school. So you see that Russian ladies dating sites have many talents.

Russian ladies dating sites

Interesting and amazing is this girl. There are a lot of secrets in her, that you want to know so much. Even in the questionnaire she wrote, to the question, what do you like to do around the house. ” I love my house!!! And I love to do everything in it!!! “. And this is right, because it is very important to love the place in which you live. Russian ladies dating sites show you that ladies here like to do things around the house a lot. Therefore, at home Oksana loves cleaning, cooking, decorating, planting house plants. She is a charismatic person. She likes Ukrainian cuisine, especially borsch , like many Ukrainian women.

Oksana, so real, so tender. Write her! And she will reciprocate you. Because Russian ladies dating sites like UFMA only show the best ladies. After all, the girl’s heart is filled with love, and she wants to share it with her long-awaited man. She is a kind girl with a sense of humor. She also loves animals. She has 2 cats at home, they are called Lusia and Chucha. Cats with them for 12 years.

Russian ladies dating sites

After an active day of work, Oksana likes to go to yoga training. These trainings give an opportunity to relax both body and soul. She loves this occupation. After all, you want to look young and beautiful, so you need to be able to relax and open your heart for love. Russian ladies on dating sites are mostly very fit and sporty, because they want to get married. And Oksana dreams of a man who is serious and wants to create a family. The man of her dreams is intelligent and has a good sense of humor.

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