Do not lose a Russian girl with these 10 qualities.

      Perhaps you are already lucky, and you met the Russian girl of your dreams, your soul mate, keep her and do not let her go. If she has all the qualities that suit you ideally, and you see her as your wife, a mother of your children.

After all, not all are created for marriage and long relationships. There are women and men who love flirting and freedom. But if you are serious about marriage and the creation of a family, it’s better to read this article and find out what is she like – an ideal wife. Here are some qualities that make a Russian girl an ideal wife.

Russian girls

1. She loves you for who you are. Ideal people, as we all know, simply do not exist. Everyone finds his or her ideal person. And if a Russian girl does not see your shortcomings and does not try to change you – she’s perfect!

2. She is always honest and frank with you. Honesty is important in all respects. If you start a relationship with a lie, then believe me, it will not lead to anything good. Appreciate this honesty and frankness, and answer her in the same way, otherwise your connection will be lost. Having caught you in a lie once, a  girl will lose confidence in you forever.

3. She supports you and helps you in all purposes and actions. She is your friend and companion. She supports you in word and deed. If something went wrong, she would never abandon you, but support in any case.

4. She is also a person. Russian girl does not allow herself to be loaded in household chores and cares. She should be interesting for her man. If a man allows her Russian girl not to work, then having interests and hobbies is a must.

5. She is able to control emotions and cut corners in relationships. Russian girl does not make scenes for no reason and do her best to give you only positive emotions. It’s so valuable. But you should not use her favor, because she trusts you.

6. She motivates you to move forward all the time. She is so sexy, smart and deserves the best. She deserves much and you are ready for her to conquer seas and oceans. You want to create for her an oasis of happiness, and she will take care of the family hearth, where you will enjoy each other.

7. She is beautiful and intelligent. Beauty for women is an important factor, of course. But you need to be more careful with the mind. After all, men do not like very much when a woman is smarter than him. Therefore, men love wise Russian girls.

8. She deliciously cooks and is excellent hostess. No matter how tasty a chef cooks in the most exquisite restaurant, lunch or dinner prepared at home by your Russian girlfriend or already a wife is a million times more delicious. Men, appreciate it and encourage with praises. Russian girl will be in the seventh heaven, and each time will surprise you with her culinary masterpieces.

Russian girl

9. She does not play with you, she trusts you, she is not afraid to reveal her feelings to you. She is sexy, and does not hesitate to talk about sex with you. She is not afraid to tell you about love, how much she needs you. She feels comfortable with you and with herself.

10. You love her!!! If you met such a girl – you are lucky!!! This Russian girl will light up with her light even your darkest days. And do not hesitate to propose to her, you will be very happy !!!

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