3 Major Reforms in Ukraine within the Last Three Years

Within the last few years Ukraine has started to become more and more like a European country. It becomes more comfortable and safe. Yes, it is a hard way, but the reforms are coming, they become active and they start working.

Here we will tell you about three most important changes, that happened in Ukraine within the last few years.

1) Police Modernization

reformed ukraine police

Changing from the old word “militia” into the new word “police” and the new standards of work, the new service really starts to serve and protect people. The reform started in autumn of 2014. these days hundreds and thousands of policemen work in the streets of the cities. About 50% of the staff was changed and the old corrupt policemen lost their jobs.

new ukrainian police

There was performed the choice from 100 000 candidates from all around the country. They took people in good physical shape and younger than 35 years to serve in police. The candidates started from analytical tests and followed by physical state tests. It is very important that the policeman is in a good shape and is healthy. The best candidates were taken to follow in the school under the control of the best Ukrainian and foreign instructors.

The Ukrainian policemen look very much alike their colleagues from the USA. They are dressed in the black uniform and have the iron tokens and the stripe with a name on the chest. The manning of law enforcers includes weapons, a baton, a gas canister, a tactical flashlight, handcuffs, a walkie-talkie, and a video camera.

ukraine police uniform

When walking in the city or being at the public places, you can always see a patrol person, taking care of the order. The police keeps its service 24/7 and it is very safe in the streets. The police has also received the new patrol cars from Japan.

So when you will be coming to meet women in Ukraine, you will be very safe here.

2) The Decentralization

decentralization in ukraine

The Ukrainian cities become not only safer, but also more beautiful. Decentralization is one of the biggest and most important reforms. Now there are created the unions of the citizens that can directly influence the questions of modernization, education and health in the cities.

A lot of special equipment appeared on the streets for cleaning and improvement of territories. Hundreds of children’s playgrounds have been set up. Major repairs of roads, both central highways, and in sleeping areas have been carried out. We also see the development of infrastructure, repairs of schools, kindergartens, repair and reconstruction of social and cultural facilities.

ukraine park

The reform of decentralization is conducted in order to give communities financial independence and develop with the help of their own means. Vladimir Groisman – the Prime Minister of Ukraine noted that following the results of decentralization, local budgets grew by 30-40%. At the same time, the dynamics testifies to an increase in the income of both local budgets and the state budget of the country.

3) The Visa-Free Regime with EU

visa free regime

The most long awaited and pleasant event happened in Ukraine in 2017. In June 2017, an agreement was signed on a visa-free regime for the countries of the European Union. Now citizens of Ukraine will be able to visit 76 countries around the world with a biometric passport, without any special obstacles.

no visa for ukraine

38 countries in Europe, Ukrainians can visit without visas. And here is another achievement, recently the Chinese authorities started talking about the fact that they are ready to start negotiations on a visa-free regime with Ukraine.

The President of Ukraine believes that the most important achievement of 2017 is the signing of an agreement on visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens. This gives great opportunities, both for travel, and for close and fruitful work between states. Yes, many people sometimes stopped the question of a trip to Europe, because you need to get a visa, and this process took a long time.

This news is also good for the men who are looking for Russian brides and Ukrainian women in Ukraine. Now a lady doesn’t have to make a visa to go visit you in Europe or to go on vacation with you somewhere to a nice place. She just needs to have a biometrical passport.

Of course, this makes life much easier.

So, welcome to Ukraine. It is a safe, developed, beautiful country. You will enjoy your time in Ukraine.

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